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Ah, this file is gonna make quite a few people happy. Many have waited for this, and here it is.

This is a huge pack of reskins of the HS Anakin model, by the same person who made the Aviar Lord skins. There are at least 49 new styles of heads, and 3 to 4 different versions of the same style, so there is at least 147 new heads for the Anakin model in this pack. There are at least 21 different torso styles, with about 3 versions per style (robed, unrobed, or hooded), and at least 21 new legs to match. Altogether, there are over 125000, unless my math is off, and I am fairly certain that it isn't. (129024 according to the readme... :p)

Needless to say, this is split up into a lot of different species in the SP customization menu. There is far too much to have all in one menu. But it is split up and put together in a way that allows you to choose the combination that you want to have.

Now onto the skins themselves... Each one is of very high quality, like the Aviar Lord skins were (Acutally, the Aviar Lord skins are included in this too :p), and the heads are pretty much all original. The clothes, though, aren't quite as original as the heads. But that is not the author's fault. There is only so much you can do with the clothes on the Anakin model, and I think that almost everything that can be realistically done to them has been done. I'd go more in depth about what they all look like if it weren't for the fact that it would pretty much be impossible to do so, so I will instead leave it up to the screenshots to tell you.

I honestly couldn't find very much to complain about for this pack with one exception: This caused some problems with the default JA stuff. I popped it into my base folder and went to play SP a bit, and found that stormtroopers no longer spawned. Of course, that could be because I have so much other crap in my base folder as well. And, that shouldn't bug too many of you, since not many seem to play SP much these days, and I found no problems in MP.

Anyway, this is a huge file, but I found every single byte of it to be worth it. I highly recommend this pack for people to download.


Bot Support: Yes Team Support: No Npc Support: Yes New Sounds: No




Title: JEDI_Costumization_PLUS
Authors : Spanki
E-Mail : [email protected]
Website: -----

File Name : JEDI_Costumization_PLUS.pk3
File Size: 49,3 MB
Date Released : 20-04-2007 

New Models: no
New Sounds: no
Team Colours: no
New Shaders: yes
Bot Support: yes
New Textures: yes
New Icons: yes
NPC Support: yes

Model - HapSlash
Textures - Spanki 
Mesh Optimization, Weighting & Conversion,- Infinity Blade

Credits: HapSlash (for the awesome model & hs_dooku)
         E-Mail : [email protected]
         Scerendo & Selek (for the torso of Haruun_Kal_Jedi) 
         E-Mail : [email protected]
         [email protected]

         Scerendo again (for the torso of his awesome hs_anakin reskin Zander_Cohort)

         Sith Lord (for a really well made face texture of a beautiful hs_anakin reskin called Kale_Degan)

         RinkXing (for some of the torso of his rots_kenobi reskin named XaoXing)
         Email: [email protected]
         free advertise never hurts

Description: This is a Jedi Costumization based on the HS_Anakin model of Hapslash.
             You can choose between 49 heads ( ok, there are really 49 different heads but 
             in some cases I just changed hair and skin color and some little detail like a beard )
             most of them with 3 or 4 different hairstyles and hooded versions,
             21 different torsos in unrobed, robed, hooded and alternate robed and hooded versions.
             Besides you can choose between 21 different pair of boots.
             Some face textures are more unique then others, but all detailed. 
             For example on the one hand you can choose compatible face textures of hm_jedi, chiss , jeditrainer from the original JKA game
             and on the other hand there are many unique face textures I made for this costumization based on some RPG chars I created for friends 
             but never released before.
             Never the less there are textures like the beautiful hs_dooku face that I made compatible to hs_anakin, or a new Mace Windu-like face 
             I created. There are also two very unique textures I created. One for a Victor van Doom skin I am working on.
             And the other for a RPG char named Goldmember - yeah. . . its the golden one -

             Its the same with the torsos, some are very unique and some are well known textures like the hs_rots_kenobi or the hs_anakin torso.
             Many of the torsos are done by other authors, I just made them compatible to this model and added armors in some cases.

             again the facts :

             - 49 heads with different hairstyles
             - 192 icons for the head selection
             - 21 different pair of boots
             - 21 different torsos ; unrobed, 2x robed , 2x hooded versions
             - 96 icons for the torso selection
             - all seperated in 18 species            

             - 129024 possibilities to create your jedi

             SP compatible

             There are 18 random default skins - one of each species - that are selectable at the MP icon screen.

             each of this 18 default skins are BOT and NPC supported :

             BOT list :                        NPC list :

             Random Jedi I                     model/jedi_spanki
             Random Jedi II                    model/jedi_spanki1a
             Random Jedi III                   model/jedi_spanki1b
             Random Jedi IV                    model/jedi_spanki2
             Random Jedi V                     model/jedi_spanki2a
             Random Jedi VI                    model/jedi_spanki2b                    
             Random Jedi VII                   model/jedi_spanki3
             Random Jedi VIII                  model/jedi_spanki3a
             Random Jedi IX                    model/jedi_spanki3b
             Random Jedi X                     model/jedi_spanki4
             Random Jedi XI                    model/jedi_spanki4a
             Random Jedi XII                   model/jedi_spanki4b
             Random Jedi XIII                  model/jedi_spanki5 
             Random Jedi XIV                   model/jedi_spanki5a
             Random Jedi XV                    model/jedi_spanki5b
             Random Jedi XVI                   model/jedi_spanki6
             Random Jedi XVII                  model/jedi_spanki6a 
             Random Jedi XVIII                 model/jedi_spanki6b


             Regarding to the MP icons and Shaders :

             OK, this is just a little hint. Some of my beta testers didnt like the icons - and the shaders - of the MP screen
             (maybe cause they didnt have the 18 icons in three lines, so the effect is not working well)
             In this case just delete the file out of the original pk3.

             There are three shader files "shaders/jedi_spanki" -> for the torso,boots ... etc.
             "shaders/head_shader" -> for - you can guess - heads
             and "shaders/icon_shader" -> for the MP icons 

             If you dont like the MP screen icons, delete -> icon_shader -> and save the pk3 new ( the icons will still be there but without the effect )
             If you dont like the head cloaks, delete -> head_shader -> and save the pk3 new

Bugs:  no known

Comments: spank ! ^^          

          Special thank's go out to HapSlash and his modding fellows ( Infinity Blade, Overlord .. etc. ), 
          without this Modification would not exist.

          Thanks to all of the "Voidians" that gave me positive or negative critics and suggestions,
          and special thanks for Sith Slayer Buffy ;) , sure you know what for.

          A lot of people suggested that I could do scars or something similar to it to give all the faces a more 
          individual look. The conclusion of this would have been nights of work - guys, I do have a real life, where I need to study -
          so I decided to keep it in mind for a second part of the costumization, if there will be one.

          I know that some of the faces are looking more like a sith unlike a jedi, but the beta testers didnt care, and me neither . . .
          so I decided to let them in . . . 

          Beware of grammer & word mistakes

    . . . and finally enjoy this modification

* How to install * 

Just extract the .pk3 into the GameData/base in your game directory, and it is selectable among the usual 
Multiplayer and Singleplayer MODS. 

* Copyright / Permissions *

* regarding face textures *
Not to be used in any model pack, modification, total conversion or the like, without express permission of me, Spanki

exeption : the face extures of the "free permission" pic into this zip-file, cause I borrowed them from the original models - hm_jedi,
jeditrainer, chiss, rodian - of JK3, hs_dooku and jango and "just" made them compatible to the hs_anakin model, what´s been a lot of work ,too
( just give it a try on your own and you will know what it means )
; so they are still for free permission, just give credit

* regarding torso textures *
I give permission to MODIFY (not copy) the textures for all torso, boots, etc . . . as long as credit is clearly and explicitly given to me, 
Spanki, and the model's original authors. Also, notify me ([email protected]) when u use any textures of mine.
Also include this and all the other read me if you gonna use anything of this modification.



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