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This head leaves a little something to be desired. I'm guessing the author has never had a beard. Of course neither have I, but my brother i...


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This head leaves a little something to be desired. I'm guessing the author has never had a beard. Of course neither have I, but my brother is 23 so I'm familliar with what a weak beard should look like. First of all, it doesn't match up with his sideburns on the right side of his head. The texture itself on the beard (or stubble, or somewhere in between) is getting there, but he needs to look at a guy with a beard and figure out where to put it and where not to. You can also see many darker spots, probably where the brush or whatever he was using overlapped. That could probably be easily fixed with a touch of the dodge tool.

The scar on the right cheek looks radioactive to me. Yes, the skin around a scar is brighter than normal flesh. I've had enough scars in my day to know that. No, it's not that bright. Something a little bit more subtle would have worked much better. The thing over his left eye is curious. I'm not sure whether it's supposed to be a scrape, or a bruise, or something completely different. I'd work on that, so it's more obvious. Right now it looks like nothing I've ever seen.

As an extra little addition, our head here gets a tan and the gloves from the human merc. Simple touches, but they do make a difference.

Those are really the only changes. For a selectable head, these small amounts of changes are probably okay. It looks like a good start - he's paying good attention to texture and how things really look - the author just needs to refine all these things to make a better output. Keep it up.

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Hey Guys,

This is my first JK3 file :-)

Story:When I was making my skin, i noticed all the dudes you can play as in SP were kinda pale, so I gave this fella a tan!!! i also like gory stuff (I'm creepy like that ), so I have him a deep cut n a red slash mark over his left eye, plus I changed his hands so they had gloves.(Yes, theyre just the hands from the Merc but who cares :-) !!!)

Installation: Extract the PK3 into your base folder. LOL



ME: I may or may not post my other mods but if I do i'll make sure they are up to standard. If u want to E-Mail me post anything, including whether or not you like the mod, I wont take offense, send to: [email protected]
:-) See Ya!!!

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