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For a while I avoided this file, because I thought "well, everyone knows I don't like Episode 3, and I don't want to give a negatively biase...


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For a while I avoided this file, because I thought "well, everyone knows I don't like Episode 3, and I don't want to give a negatively biased review." Granted I'm a fan of HapSlash's Obi-wan model, but it's just very hard to reskin because the way it's made it will always be Obi-wan. However when I actually sat down to look at this pack of skins, I have discovered that they are really a step above the average.

Some of the skins are rather bland, and by "bland" in this case I mean a "typical" HapSlash Obi-wan reskin. Change the color of the hood, change the color of the robes, voila! New skin! Some of them are this way, yes, but some of the others delve into the artistic side of skinning, which is always a plus. Several of the robes have designs on them, four I believe, unless I have forgotten one, and each of the design patterns is different. Personally I find the color scheme of the gussdesign robes very ugly, but for some reason that makes it more appealing to me instead of less. This might be because it's just something you wouldn't normally see - most people wouldn't think to skin something that way, and that makes it unique.

Also, as you might expect, a Sith skin is included. Yes, Sith Obi-wan is like today's new reborn. However I have to give the author credit, for he understand that black does not make someone a Sith. Part of the robes are black, but the rest is a deep crimson, with sunken eyes and the prequel Sith eyes, which, while I don't usually appreciate them fully, look very ominous on this particular model.

Overall, very well done. It could probably use some more creativity, but as far as reskinning the Obi-wan model goes it's one of the better attempts I've seen. Keep at it - I look forward to seeing more of your work.

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Jedi Knight Eris, V 1.0
By Eris

Obi-wan model - Hapslash
Skins - Eris (robes Hapslash)
Sounds - Shao

This is a reskin of Hapslash's Obi-wan model and a redone version of the NPJ that was released earlier this year. Includes 27 variations in all including team support.


Place pk3 into the directory //c:Program Files/Lucasarts/Game data/base

Delete the pk3 from your base folder

Skin commands:

/model erisnew
/model erisnew/robe
/model erisnew/robehood
/model erisnew/defaulthood
/model erisnew/defaulthooded
/model erisnew/alt
/model erisnew/altrobe
/model erisnew/altrobehood
/model erisnew/guss
/model erisnew/gussrobe
/model erisnew/gussrobehood
/model erisnew/sith
/model erisnew/sithrobe
/model erisnew/sithrobehood
/model erisnew/design1
/model erisnew/design1robe
/model erisnew/design1hood
/model erisnew/design2
/model erisnew/design2robe
/model erisnew/design2hood
/model erisnew/gussdesign
/model erisnew/gussdesignrobe
/model erisnew/gussdesignhood
/model erisnew/red
/model erisnew/blue
/model erisnew/ceremony
/model erisnew/ceremonyhood


Infinity Blade for the Crits and Comments and encouragement!
Hapslash and RinkXing for crits comments and beta tests
The Void Community for their crits and comments and support
Hapslash, *<T>* Jaden, Demortis, *Vas*Buffy for modelling for screens

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