Jedi Knight Eris

Are you ready for even more customization power? Here we have Eris's Jedi Knight skinpack, but with more options. He did the math for me, a...


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Are you ready for even more customization power? Here we have Eris's Jedi Knight skinpack, but with more options. He did the math for me, and I've forgotten what number of possibilities he came up with, but there are hundreds of variations possible here, so if you can't find a variation that suits you you're far too picky.

This pack features HapSlash's Obi-wan model, skinned to include 4 heads, 35 torsos, and 6 lower segments. It also contains bot support. Should you decide you do not wish to use the species customization included with this skinpack, you can opt to leave it out and keep just the normal skins, however you lose much of the customization power you might have otherwise had.

The only thing I really would have preferred here is new sounds. This skinpack, while it still looks like Obi-wan, is not supposed to be Obi-wan, so new sounds to really solidify that would be first on my list for improvements. There's definitely no need to suggest more variation here - we've got about as much as is humanly possible. So much so, in fact, that the author had trouble getting it to work because there were just too many choices! So enjoy the author's toil in bringing these variations to fruition for your benefit. If you're a fan of the Obi-wan model, as I imagine most of you are, you're likely to find plenty to enjoy in this pack.

Bot Support: Yes Team Support: Yes New Sounds: Yes NPC Support: Yes


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Download '' (22.06MB)

Jedi Knight Eris, V 2.0
By Eris

Obi-wan model - Hapslash
Skins - Eris (robes Hapslash)
Sounds - Shao

This is version 2 of the previously released Jedi Knight Eris.  This version contains
following features;

- Customization; 4 heads,35 torsos,6 lowers.
- Bot Support
- 12 different robes

Place both JKEris.pk3 and ZZEris Customization Option.pk3 into the directory 
/c:Program Files/Lucasarts/Game data/base

NOTE: If you do not want to use the customizations option just place JKEris.pk3
into base.

Delete the pk3(s) from your base folder

Skin commands:

/model JKEris
/model JKEris/robe
/model JKEris/robehood
/model JKEris/defaulthood
/model JKEris/defaulthooded
/model JKEris/alt
/model JKEris/altrobe
/model JKEris/altrobehood
/model JKEris/guss
/model JKEris/gussrobe
/model JKEris/gussrobehood
/model JKEris/sith
/model JKEris/sithrobe
/model JKEris/sithrobehood
/model JKEris/design1
/model JKEris/design1robe
/model JKEris/design1hood
/model JKEris/design2
/model JKEris/design2robe
/model JKEris/design2hood
/model JKEris/gussdesign
/model JKEris/gussdesignrobe
/model JKEris/gussdesignhood
/model JKEris/red
/model JKEris/blue
/model JKEris/ceremony
/model JKEris/ceremonyhood
/model JKEris/master
/model JKEris/masterrobe
/model JKEris/masterrobehood
/model JKEris/hood
/model JKEris/hooded
/model JKEris/other
/model JKEris/otherrobe
/model JKEris/otherrobehood
/model JKEris/ak
/model JKEris/akrobe
/model JKEris/akrobehood
/model JKEris/knight
/model JKEris/knightrobe
/model JKEris/knightrobehood

Infinity Blade for the Crits and Comments and encouragement!
Admiral and Fir'en Darkhaven for beta testing
Admiral for crits
The Void Community for their crits and comments and support

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