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Jedi Academy isn't out for even a month and here I am introducing a fabulous new mod for the game! One of the features of JA that I think we...


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Jedi Academy isn't out for even a month and here I am introducing a fabulous new mod for the game! One of the features of JA that I think we all looked forward to was the use of vehicles, like swoops. It didn't take long for Chrono to give birth to the idea of JK Racing! Well, why not? So add to those new game types, JKR - JK Racing, where you and your friends spawn onto a large race track, set in Tatooine where four swoops await you.

Jump on one of the swoops available and speed off down the raceway. Swerve in-between large pillars, take sharp turns around a rock, then either follow the arrow around another turn, or risk plummeting to your death by taking the short cut over a deep chasm. Defeat your opponents by being the fastest and reaching the finish line first, or by being the most deadly and just doing away with your competition. Once all of the swoops are gone, just restart the map to have four more. Or, according to the readme, you can just enable cheats on your server before starting up this map and then spawn as many swoops as you need for a good race. :) (Oh, and there's rumor of a hidden swoop with guided rockets, but that's all I can say about that.)

The map is obviously Tatooine. The track itself is challenging and fun. Is it much to look at? Well, who the heck is looking at their surroundings when they're trying to stay alive in a race like the ones that'll take place on this map!? I love this concept. When testing this mod/map with the others, it was just, so much fun. I can't wait until others make more maps like this to add to the JKR game type. :D

"Wait! I don't know how to make maps that will spawn NPC Vehicles into JA Multiplayer maps!"

You don't!? Well, lucky for you, Chrono has included a very detailed tutorial with his mod and map! All you need to know is the basics of making a map to be able to make your very own JKR map! I'm sure there are already some concepts of a JKR map of Coruscant, where we'll be riding swoops high and low and in and out of buildings. Who will be the first to recreate the Podrace track from Episode 1? There are so many possibilities now with Chrono's mod. Great work, I look forward to seeing more of Chrono's JKR maps and more from the community!

Bot Support: No New Textures: No New Music: Yes Game Types: Um, JKR (JK Racing)


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Download '' (5.89MB)

Jedi Academy Modification
Jedi Knight: Racer
Creator(s): M. Chrono, ShroomDuck
Testers: Rhadamanthus, Polo, AmosMagee, ShroomDuck, pcmacman, Griswald, Arrghman, Lord_Griever, Zathu

FileSize: 10MB
Included Files: jkr_tatooine (test map), and jkrmods, plus my tutorial on adding vehicles into the game, which can be found on

By now, you're wondering, what is this?! Simple! It's the beginning of the modding of Jedi Academy!  Included you'll find the first of many JKR maps I hope to release. These are racing themed maps which use the swoop bikes as racing mediums. The tutorial map, jkr_tatooine, is just to get you used to what you should expect.  The other ones will be released in due time over the course of the next few months. I encourage everyone to read the tutorial and make your own JKR maps! Let's dwarf Hydroball in popularity here!

Install the PK3 into the base directory like you would anything else. You can put the tutorial anywhere you want. The map, as it is, starts out with 4 swoops (that I coded myself) that are racing modified. Enjoy it, it oughta be fun! ^_^

With the current mapping tools coding respawning of vehicles isn't possible, but if you need to spawn more because they've all exploded, or whatever the case, then just restart the map. Or, if you enable cheats with the map ... /devmap jkr_tatooine ... you can easily spawn more vehicles by typing: /npc spawn vehicle swoop_racerX ... where X = 1-4. 

Note: There are some minor bugs in the map, but this isn't meant to be a full-blown scripted JKR map (that will come later after the SDK is released). For now, just enjoy the mod!

- Chrono

This mod is not supported by LucasArts or RavenGames. Jedi Knight: Racing is a trademark of Chrono, logo design by ShroomDuck. This mod is not to be used as a base for other mods without consent of the original author(s).

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