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Y'know what really gets to me? Counter-Strike fanboys. The players are OK, but the fanboys are the videogaming equivalent of a terrorist ce...


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Y'know what really gets to me? Counter-Strike fanboys. The players are OK, but the fanboys are the videogaming equivalent of a terrorist cell. Should they see you pick up any FPS other than CS:S, they'll brutally assault you with one of their rants about "ow cs is teh pwnerer d00d!1!1!!11!11!!! y u bi ut? ut sux liek yo mom lamo lololololololol!1!!1!!11" - and such a speech will likely make your brain explode.

Being a gamer and typing in shorthand is one thing, but so help me God, the next time someone actually says "lol" or "pwn" in my presence, I'll rip their larynx out and make them eat it. >_<

OK, moving swiftly on before I freak everyone out with my ranting....

For lack of a better word, this skin is... interesting. Although quite frankly it looks like something out of the first CGI movies.

It's a replacement for the default Jedi. To me, it looks like one of the other Jedi models taken from the game, with a few colors adjusted via the hue and saturation tool, a few rebel logos pasted on, and flat color pasted all over the face.

The face doesn't look human at all. At least it's been completely redone, which is a plus. Just.... not very well, I'm afraid to say. I'm not going to dwell on it, because I can only get negative from that.

In-game, the rebel logos are hardly noticable. The face just looks like a flat layer of color with two holes - what little variation there is, just isn't noticable. The torso is flat paintbucketed black. Suffice to say, the good parts of this skin are the parts Raven made.

If you want to overwrite the Jedi with this, go for it. Although, I'd advise you to keep with the original, which is of a much higher quality.

~ Kouen

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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 
TITLE:Jedi Default Replacement skin
AUTHOR: Vortex

FILENAME: myskin.pk3 
FILESIZE: 425.1 kb 
DATE RELEASED: 24 January 2005 

CREDITS: Raven Software, thanks guys for making the taunts for this skin and some of the textures.
Thanks Jk3files for accepting this file!

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Simply Extract and drop into your Base folder which you will find inside game data

DESCRIPTION: theres two reasons why I made this skin, 1 I made this skin to be included in an up and coming mod
By one of my clan mates >RotJ< Blaze so look out for it or follow the process @
and 2 the head of this model was the same as the prisoner skin.

BUGS:I have not found any bugs as of yet but if you find any please email @

COMMENTS: Hope you enjoy this product and please check out the >RotJ< website, as Blazes Mod is looking
brilliant and when its doen i recommend downloading it


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