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RPG Maps are one of my specialties =_= *cracks knuckles* a specialty so dire that I tend to get VERY critical when in their presence.



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RPG Maps are one of my specialties =_= *cracks knuckles* a specialty so dire that I tend to get VERY critical when in their presence.

This particular map belongs to an author of Elite Roleplaying, an RP group that I actually used to belong to. In fact, I was actually part of this group during the initial release of this map to the server. As such, I actually know the backstory to this map, but I shan't shed that upon you for now.

The basic concept of this map is a revamped T3_Rift map, converted into a large RP map. It includes basically everything an RPGer would need to run an underground Jedi Enclave, and I do mean EVERYTHING:

- Fully Decked(at least in the latter,) for both students and higher ranks - Cantina - Archives - Sealed off Master Archives/Crypt(A feature rarely featured on RP maps) - Training facility - Briefing Room/Classroom - Meditation Chambers - Infirmary - Hydroponic Garden - Storage - Council Room - Detention Center - Starpad, with a hidden entrance to the enclave itself.

This powerful RP Map is sadly not without powerful errors. I warned the author about them, but alas, he declined to fix any of them -_- Here's what I found:

- Weird Unsourced Lighting in training room - Okay, so there were some very strange lights in the training room along the walls. They were outright unsourced, and I just found them to be a little unnecessary. Maybe ousting them would rule planets.

- Linear - Okay, so revamping an SP map like this cannot prevent this outright, but a little rearrangement of the map could have been possible. In RP, most of the areas are cramped in the end of the canyon. The problem is, getting to the starpad takes FOREVER to get to. It's very irritating to get to, and could be fatal to those who totally get owned in combat and have to be wheeled to the medbay. A bit of a rearrangement could seriously pwn planets.

- That invisible brush on the stairway - There is an invisible brush or barrier of some sort that blocks contact with the actual stairs and landing. This was actually the first error I noticed, as I noticed I was sort of hovering off the ground when I walked over it. It was most disconcerting =_=

- Cylindrical water? - So there were two waterfall fountains of sorts near the entrance of the hydroponic garden. This water was VERY cylindrical and seems very odd. Ah well..

- Not the best sound choice next to the river - The hydroponic garden had a second error of sorts. The water shore is very loud. Horribly loud, at that. Perhaps something a little quieter. - Bad FPS in certain areas - Yeah, the large SP canyon setting makes the map a littl elaggy staring out into the canyon.

- Missing Textures - This one sort of disappointed me, as I'm SURE the author would have fixed this. There were actually quite a few missing, primarily in the cantina and bedroom areas. The drawers are primarily missing a yavin texture, the couch in one room lacked texture, and the vegetation in one room lacks texture. Not exactly a great error.

- Disappearing brushes - The antechamber in one of the dorms has a problem..if you move in just the right position, the brushes on the map seem to outright disappear. Another one seems to be viewable on the balcony of the dorms closer to the canyon face. It's pretty glaring there.

- Unclipped chairs in sham enclave - Something I'm sure could have been fixed >_> really.

- Seam on the cliff face near the tiny elevator shaft with that control panel - Seeing as there wasn't much change in the area it was after, I don't think this is the author's fault.

- Torches don't damage - EVIL <_< People need to be burned.

- Ambient Noise missing from torches - Whilst some might not be audible, but OTHERS could have been.

- Unclipped Tree - An intersection linking the cantina, storage, and upper areas has a tree that you can pretty much jump through.

Overall, the positives overwhelm the errors here. It's an excellent RP map, and merits destructive RP attacks. You are commanded to insert testing into your schedule and INSPECT THIS EVIL MAP.

New Textures: Aye New Music: Nay Secrets to plunder: Aye Bot Support: Nay

- Averus Retruthan

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================= RPG RIFT ====================

Title: Rift Academy
Author: Borgking
E-Mail: [email protected]

File Version: I&apos;ve lost count
File Name: rpg_rift.pk3


Description: About a year ago, I decided to start tinkering around with the SP Map t3_rift,
not expecting it to go much of anywhere. Well, here I am, a year later; I have converted 
that SP map into a fully usable RPG map, of a Jedi Enclave built into an underground 
fissure. It took me a long time to perfect...many of the areas went revision after 
revision to get them to their final state. 

*Map Info*

Bot Support: No
New Textures: Yes
New Music: No

*How to Install*

Put the pk3 in Gamedata/base in whatever your JKA directory is, then just run the map via
/map, /devmap, or joining a server with it running.

There are some things I am aware of, and alot of them are caused by the maps large size or
its conversion process from SP to MP. I know that there are many walls within the map which
will disappear if viewed from certain angles, especially in the lobby of the upper level
Master&apos;s Bedrooms. The lighting on the stairs down to the Cantina is funky, and I&apos;m not
entirely sure why. Anything else I probably am aware of but neglected to mention here.



You may NOT use any portions of my map, or the custom models within, without asking permission first. I also do not take responsibility for any damage this map or file causes to your computer.



Credit for the Shuttle in the Landing Area go entirely to Hirato ([email protected], Thanks for an EXCELLENT Shuttle prefab!

Credit for the Sith Holocron and Meditation Pad models go to myself.

Credit for the bedroom of &apos;Jacam Betri&apos; and the models of the crystals seen inside of it go to Jack Amzadi of ERP.

Credit for the models of the Council Chair and Lightsaber Statue, and some of the designs for the Gardens go to Jaroz Dor of ERP.

Credit for the models of the Kolto Tank, KoTOR Console, KoTOR Containers, Light Pole, and Workbench goes to Inyri Forge of They can be found at:;77747

Tons and tons Credit goes to Nero Maxim of ERP for the concept art designs of almost all of the new rooms and areas within the Enclave, and for supporting me through the whole project. : )

Credit goes to whoever included the map file of the SP T3_Rift map with the version of GTK I installed. I&apos;m not sure who you are but thanks anyway!

And, of course, credit to the guys over at Raven who designed and constructed t3_rift. Thanks! :D

I&apos;d also like to thank the members of ERP for their constant support in me. Thanks guys!

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