Jedi's Hideout

How do you give a map a feel of being a Jedi's Hideout? I guess this was what I was looking for when analysing this map, and I have to say,...


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How do you give a map a feel of being a Jedi's Hideout? I guess this was what I was looking for when analysing this map, and I have to say, you do get the feeling that it is jedi-based, but not much of a hideout. The most obvious giveaway is the countless posters plastered around all the main 'council' rooms. Don't worry, they're not clan posters or anything, simply pictures of various Jedi Knights, however It kind of loses it's authenticity as I doubt there was posters of the Jedi's plastered around their council rooms in the films.

The map is divided roughly into 3 sections, there's a small outside area, a large dueling section with multiple duel rooms leading off a very vividly-coloured hallway, also there is a bar. The third area is more like a recreation/working area, which contains the council rooms, some kind of amphitheatre for fights, oh, and of course, a pool :) The lighting throughout is adequate, and most things seem to have light sources, but there some odd looking shadows in places and lights emitting from nowhere. It's also very dark in the outside section, especially considering that the map is set in the daytime. The textures used are a little odd in a few places, such as the pool ramp which seems to be a solid white block which glows, and the corridor leading to the circular council room has textures which dont seem to fit together (Screenshot 11).

Architecturally, it's fairly good, some curves here and there, but I guess i didn't find anything which stood out, or looked really fantastic. The framerate held at around 60 for every area I looked in, so it plays well, will easily support a large number of players, and features some NPC spawning rooms for training fights. The streams in the outside section don't seem very natural, and I thought a bit more effort here could have improved it a great deal. However, I was pleased to see most of the models were clipped to a good standard. Overall it's a pretty good map, but it just doesn't spark my imagination. It also lacks bot support, so I'd imagine this will be one for the servers.

New Sounds: Yes New Textures: Yes Bot Support: No

~Szico VII~

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				***Jedi's Hideout v1***

Author:			Jawa
E-Mail and MSN:
Install:		extract the .zip file into your gamedata/base folder
Uninstall:		delete the .pk3 file from your gamedata/base folder

Discription:		This hasn't inspired me from any movie of maps from star wars. I
			I just started to map and this is the result.
			You start in a room with a statue in the middle and pillars. From
			there you can down or 3 other doors. 2 Of those doors go to a NPC
			training room. The stairs down will bring you to a member room and
			a swimming pool. The 3rd door takes you to another room with 3
			other doors and a elevator. The elevator takes you to an outside
			area. 1 Of the doors takes to a room where you can take tests
			for taking ranks or recruiting somebody, I call it the promotion
			room. The second door takes you to a council room, and the 3rd
			door will lead into a hallway with 3 duel rooms, a bar and my
			office (Jawa's Office)

Special Credits:	Special thanks to Nozyspy, and SzicovII for explaining me how to
			to use the target_activate and target_deactivate. THANK YOU VERY

New Shaders:		Yes
New Textures:		Yes
New Music:		Yes
New Sounds:		No
New Models:		No
Bot Routes:		No


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