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This is version two of the Jedi's Hideout map, and while I agree with the original review that it doesn't feel like a hideout, I'm pretty...


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This is version two of the Jedi's Hideout map, and while I agree with the original review that it doesn't feel like a hideout, I'm pretty sure the term is used loosely so I wouldn't nitpick about that. Let's immediately jump into the map, then, shall we? I'll start out with what I liked. First of all I liked the fact that it wasn't all one color. It was predominantly grey, but each room had a splash of color, ranging from dark green trim to bright red floor decorations to full red carpet. Architecturally each room was interesting - while most of the rooms were boxy, they each had features that made them unique, such as curved pillars or strange light fixtures. The map itself is quite large and seems well-suited for some saber dueling, especially given the fact that there are health and shield packs scattered around the map to make things more interesting. I can see this map being useful for a multitude of purposes.

Now on to what could use work. The texturing was okay, but it could have been better. In many areas the textures on the brushes were a bit plain and it seems the author thought to work around this by adding features. The lighting was also wacky. In certain areas it was great, but in others it was either very bright or very dark. You can walk from a very dimly lit hallway to a room with 3000 light entities in it that scream "SURFACE OF THE SUN!". Okay, so maybe I'm exaggerating a little. A happy medium would be good, though - neither style is really awful, but to mix them up so randomly within one map leaves the eyes a bit sore as they try to adjust from room to room. Also there's no bot support, which was really a bummer.

In terms of what the map offers, I'd say it's probably leaning more toward the "good" side with a few issues the author still needs to work on. I definitely like the outdoor section, which seems to have been adequately brightened from version one. It definitely looks like a great place to have a full-out battle with a bunch of your buddies, complete with emplaced weapons. It definitely offers a lot of areas to play around in, so if you were a fan of the first version or like big maps definitely give it a look. Despite the problems I think it's definitely worth the download.

New Textures: Yes New Models: No New Music: Yes Bot Support: No


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				*****Jedi's Hideout V2*****

Author: Jawa
Map name: Jedi's Hideout v2
File name: jedis_hideout_v2.pk3
Gametypes: ffa, tffa, duel
Filesize: 18.3 MB
Website: (nothing on it just the map to review it)

I would like to give credits to all the beta testers, and the people who helped me with
the map.
And also to the people who were that kind to upload textures on the site

Extract the file "jedis_hideout_v2.pk3" into your gamedata/base folder

Delete the file "jedis_hideout_v2.pk3" into your gamedata/base folder

This is the second version of my map Jedi's Hideout. This is a total new map because i
deleted the old .map file of Jedi's Hideout, I had to remake the second version. Here is
the description :-)
There is a duel room, a training room, a bar, a outside arena for merc wars,a storage room,
platforms to duel on, a room to close all the doors in the mapand a few corridors in the
map. I won't tell how the rooms look like, I think you should explorer that on yourself,
lol. I hope you like playing in the map as much as I build it. Thank you all.

New Textures: Yes
New Shaders: Yes
New Sounds: No
New Music: Yes
Botroutes: No


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