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There are some mappers out there who are just so eager to release their first map and it usually ends in disaster. Generally, you should nev...


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There are some mappers out there who are just so eager to release their first map and it usually ends in disaster. Generally, you should never release your first map. It's understandable though, because you're so excited that you actually made something and you want to share it with everyone. However, the best thing to do is just what the author of this map did - he created two maps before this one, but never released them. They were used to just learn how to map. Then he made Jedi's Home and it's just a wonderful map.

It's hard to believe that it's a clan map, but it is. It is obviously inspired by Sevker's Jedi Archives, Griffinclaw's Jedi Council and there are some elements of ShroomDuck's maps here and there too. In my opinion, you can't get much better than combining those ideas, skills and talents. So as you can see from the first screenshot, Shadow Stone played around with a lot of curves. The lighting and textures in the main room are just perfect, in my opinion. The chandelier hanging sways gently and rotates. There's a less impressive meeting room down one hall, but will work for duels. A small dojo in another area serves its purpose, but isn't my favorite room. There's a large arena that has some interesting lighting and though you can't see it in my screenshots, has a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place thing that is reminiscent of Tournament Central in the TMBJ map. I love the bar. It's not a main part of the map, which is nice. You have to take an elevator up to the small, open bar which features some lovely lighting and three TV's hanging from the ceiling. The railing around the bar is wood and gives it a cabin-like feeling. Makes it very cozy. The bar is slippery - I'll let you guess where that concept came from.

Outside you'll find a landing pad which is always good for FFAing, much like in Bespin Streets. The only parts of the map that make it clear that this is a clan map are the council rooms, secret areas and the living quarters. I have to say though, those are the most impressive beds I've seen yet. At the end of the room are three couches surrounding a large table. There are buttons on the sides of the couches, that when pressed will produce a large TV in front of each one. The meeting room with the large chairs looks great and also has that button thing going on. A small TV will slowly slide up in front of the leader's chair. And when another button is pressed, a map/chart thing will come up in the middle of the table for the benefit of the others around the table. One of my favorite areas has to be the hospital thingy. I remember people wanting to do the whole bacta thing the right way, and I'm not sure if anyone really was able to do it, but Shadow Stone sorta got it. Someone stands in the center of the um ... thingy ... and you press a button and down comes a tube and up comes water. After a few seconds, it drains and opens. There's a large council room upstairs that's just pretty.

I really didn't find any of the secrets, but that's because I was busy exploring what wasn't secret. I kinda forgot to look. I was already so impressed by what I had seen. My FPS wasn't too bad, but it may suffer slightly on a server with a bunch of people. Still, it's worth it, I think, for those who like maps like Jedi Archives, GC's Jedi Council and the TMBJ map. I really can't wait to see your next map, Shadow Stone!

Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA, TFFA


Ps. Shadow just fixed a little error and sent this to me. So I deleted the old version and put this one up. So if you downloaded the old one, be sure you grab this new one. :)

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Readme File:

Title : Jedi's Home (JL)
Author : Shadow Stone
E-Mail : 
Website :

File Version: 1.1
File Name : Jedi's_home(JL).pk3 

*note 1.1 fixes the issue with sabers in the ja plus mod*

Description : a big jedi hall meant for chillin duelin and having a blast ;) meant for ffaing basically, Then expanded to make it 
more ffa type, and not just duel. Used a lot of patches/curves in this map ( i was having playing around with those lol)
This map also includes a council room, hospital, meeting room meditation room, small dojo, big dojo, bar, big halls, airport/hangar and more
Also some secret places such as a secret training center, secret sith lair, secret hangar and another secret room. 

Additional Information :

This is my first "official" map :P. The first one i ever released to the public
Although this is the 3rd map ive made. The first 2 where never sent because  it was used as a learning process. 

Thanks to all the beta testers (erm... the JL clan) for helpin me out and giving me support
as well as to the lucasforum for there great help and map review for the tutorial on bot support
This map was also inspired by the jedi archive map from jk2
and name is also known as (aka) MASTER STONE(JL)

* Map Information * 

Bot Support yes
New Textures yes
New Music yes
New sounds kinda

Game types are ffa and tffa

*Bed Time Story*

Many years after the new republic was established; many years after Luke had commenced
 his Jedi Academy program. The Sith where once again expanding. 
The teaching methods used in the academy proved to be a failure. 
More then one third of the Jedi’s were turning to the dark side.
The darkside was consuming the academy.  
The Sith where  controlling everyone and everything going on within the academy. 
2 Jedi Masters and a padawan fled from the corrupted institute. 
As the Sith increase started to decline, the 3 Jedi’s slowly emerged from there whereabouts.
They found themselves in the Lando system, near the all-too-popular planet known as Bespin. 
That is where they decided to build a new home. 
After decades of construction, the 3 Jedi’s proved to be some pretty good carpenters,
with the help of a few local friends. 
Just when everything was thought to be all Champaign and Cigars, 
a group of  Sith  found the Jedi’s Home. The 3 Jedi’s fought bravely to defend the home 
they tried so hard to build. Although nothing in the real world is a fairy tale, as
 one of the Jedi Masters perished within one of the battles.  
As for the Sith…they now lay secretly, beneath the Jedi’s Home…waiting.


* How to install * 

Just put the Jedi's_home(JL).pk3  in GameData\base in your game directory


* Copyright / Permissions * 
Other editors may not use this map as base for other maps using reverse decompile methods. 

Like my coach said "win or lose drink the booze"

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