Jedi Sanctuary

Okay, well the first thing that you should really be aware of it you're going to play this map is that it is dark. Really dark. It's actuall...


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Okay, well the first thing that you should really be aware of it you're going to play this map is that it is dark. Really dark. It's actually a bit weird that it should be so dark, considering all the windows in the walls and the daytime sky... I would have thought these would cast light beams into the area, but for some reason, they don't. :( Still, if you bump your brightness up by a factor of 2 you should be able to see well enough to duel on.

The architecture was nice in places, like the roof and upper ceiling, but some of the walls were very flat, and the texture used for some of the pillars doesn't work at all. There is also a little misalignment, but you won't notice it due to the lack of light. I was pleased to see that all the lights inside the room (Sparse as they were) did have believable sources :thumbsup: and as a general statement, it's a fairly decent map, and I especially liked the music chosen.

Bot support has been included, and I can't really see any other reason why you shouldn't check it out, aside from the darkness, oh, and the fact that you might simply just not like its style. Personally, I'm not over the moon with it, but it's a decent effort, good work.

New Textures: Yes New Sounds: No Bot Support: Yes

~Szico VII~

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Title   : Radiant Academy- Jedi Sanctuary
Author   : jedi_kawon	
E-Mail   :	
Website   :	
File Name  :
File Size  : 492 KB
Date Released  : 17 December 2005
Description  :

It's my first official map and also first map made for Radiant Academy (Polish Level Designer Team - Radiant and Star Wars maniacs). Jedi Sanctuary is a small map dedicated for duel chalenge. Inside you can find many dark places - easy to hide from your opponent. In the backside you can see our Logo. Enjoy! :)

Bot Routes: YES
New Textures: YES

Thanks to:
Xid Zen Turres for beta testing and Polish Level Designers Team for everything ;)
Special thanks to:

LucasArts, Raven software

Extrack in gamedir/Gamedata/base folder

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