Jedi Servers Ninja



This skin is the authors first skin and he say’s it was created more to entertain his fellow co-works at Jedi Servers.com so before you post any comments about the quality of the skin, bare that in mind.

The skin is basically a large clash of black and bright green, based on the cultist model, and it acts as a pretty good plug for Jedi Servers, *ponders* maybe this is why it got submitted *shrugs*. I’m not sure but I have a feeling that the black aspects of clothing are what give this skin the name of ninja, but I could be wrong.


Team Colours: No Bot Support: No New Sounds: No



\\\\JediServer's Ninja Support Skin\\\\\\\\\

Installation: Unzip and extract the .pk3 into your base folder.

This uses the Dark Cultist Skin as a base, but being my first skin i had to start
somewhere.  I made this skin more for fun than for anything and to ammuse my fellow
co-workers at JediServers.com. I claim no talent, just loads of freetime. While in
your base file it overwrites the dark cultist skin. Just remove it to get the original
skin back :) (at least i think it overwrites it.)

If you have anything to say about this skin, constructive or otherwise, email me at:
[email protected]

All images used are property of BS Gaming and JediServers.com

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