This title was quite misleading, and slightly disappointing, but not by much. To preface, sorry LoZ fans, this isn't the Zora you're afte...


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This title was quite misleading, and slightly disappointing, but not by much.

To preface, sorry LoZ fans, this isn't the Zora you're after. This was just a name for this medium sized Zabrak female reskin pack, and a rather decent one, if not for one dire missing piece, but let's start with the good, ya?

This pack is comprised of a series of heads, torsos, and legs to further bring out the potential and beauty in the female Zabrak. Including the original clothing, there are several kinds of tops, each with their own degree of modesty, some being a tad skimpy, others being a full cover up. The same can be said for the leg selections as well. Most strange to note is that there is a somewhat suggestive gray skin variant that appears to be nude, but more like X-men's Mystique nude rather than "OMG BOOBIES!" nude. Initially, had my reservations about letting that slide, but 'ey -_- maturity has to hit at some point.

So, texture quality. Good, definitely good, I'd say =_o some of them look photosourced, and I'd be a fool to not at least hazard a guess that some of them are. My guess is prolly in the facial area and that one zippered top, but if those aren't photosourced, exponentially more power to ya, Jade O_o because these definitely are awesome.

Okay, so where was the disappointment, you ask? For those who haven't figured it out by now, it's the sound department -_-; the author removed the custom sounds due to a bug, but in the process, neglected to set them to a REGULAR FEMALE O_O. The result? MAN VOICE! AGH! It's such a dumb mistake that I wanted to fix it myself, but doing so woulda made future modders less inclined to check their work. That, and re-uploading is a pain in the ass. ⌐_⌐ Believe me. I order it.

So in all honesty, if the author intends to fix it up in any way, I would do one of two things:

- Relocate your skins to the original zabrak model, to save space and sound.

or, the cheaper method:


Otherwise, this skin pack is good to go. I'd definitely give it a look through now to see what possible use you could make out of it, as it definitely merits it, sounds or not.

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- Averus Retruthan

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Title: Zora v3

Filename: jedi_zora3.pk3

Author/Skinner: Me0is0Jade


Description: Reskins of the female zabrack model, with added bonus of 
original zabrack skins from game.  Adds skins as a new species.  Changes from version 2 include 
a few updated skins, a few new skins, and all the native zabrak skins added as options.  A bug where 
the player's skin is wonkified on the hoth level is also fixed; she will now wear hoth clothing on 
the hoth level.  Custom sounds have been removed due to bug where the sounds overwrote all female sounds.  

Install: Unzip to the gamedata/base folder. 
Comments, etc: I don't even play this game anymore.  

Feel free to share amoung friends etc, just ask me before posting on a site or whatever.  
Credit is nice too.  


Credits: I used a jewelry ad face for the gray lady's face, as well as using textures from JK3 
both as-is and modified.  


Known bugs: One of the torso icons in the selection area is wierd.  No idea why. 
The species name may show up as blank if you have another skin or species with a name in your base folder.
I'd like to know if you find anything else wrong.  



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