First of all, a warning, the taunt with this skin contains some mild bad language, the A** and Sh** words were all I noticed.

Anyway, thi...


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First of all, a warning, the taunt with this skin contains some mild bad language, the A** and Sh** words were all I noticed.

Anyway, this is a decent reskin of the basic Imperial Saboteur model, parts have been re-coloured, and some new symbols added here and there.

The best bit is that the colour of the eyes matches with the colour of the uniform, which is a bit creepy lol. There are LOTS of colours to choose from too :)

The sounds that play when you roll, or fall are also cool, they’re kinda like, oingy boingy sounds lol

Not bad at all :)

New Sounds: Yes Bot Support: No Team Support: Yes


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Download '' (3.37MB)

Jenocide skin

this is a skin that, in a way, i made. in reality it started out as a
mere imperial saboteur base skin. then that made its way to a reskinner,
got recolored there, and came back to me. after that it went to someone
else who changed the icon. then it came back to me yet again. after
days of work and trying to operate skinning programs, i finally fugured
it out and added designs to it. in addition to dumb little designs, i
also added team colors and CUSTOM SOUNDS!!! a word of caution: this skin
contains mild bad language. nothing to throw a fit over but definately
needs to be mentioned for all you underaged people out there. this is
the first time the skin has been released to the public and its the first
skin i have ever made. (with the help of like 8 other people)


1. unzip, extract, or move the jenocide.pk3 file to your
starwars/gamedata/base folder and enjoy!

honorable mentions

first and foremost thanks to Jenohmz who originally recolored the skin.
couldnt have done it without you man ;)

i would also like to thank mephiston who made the awesome icon for the
skin. your great meph!

also i must thank tk-421 who helped me pk3 it. you rock tk! ¤ for life

oh and sieg who actually did pk3 it

here comes the big one... i would like to thank all of ESS. this is the
greatest clan ive ever been in.i would also like to thank quantum for
always being there (by there i mean somewhere besides the server) and
renegade cuz i known you for a long time umm who else... there are too
many people to thank... i know i missed about 97% of people that deserved
it so if your name didnt appear i didnt forget you, maybe your name, but
not you.

i would also like to say, should this skin reach tizzy or zaeea, i hate
you both and i hope you die. you know who im talkin about.

once again i also need to thank our allies... not sure why but what the
hell. shout out to UKWN and NUE and TLB! heh heh

a few more thankses... credit goes out to futurama, chris farley, R.Lee
Ermey (full metal jacket) and to my self for making the other sounds! :D


i added a few new things to the skin. these few new things are new colors.
just type in the console /model jenocide/green, orange, yellow, purple,
cyan, pink or blue1 to get a different color. yes you do have to put
blue1. blue is a teamcolor. also i added some other models whose path name
im not going to release. they are like seceret skins. :P i put screenshots
in the zip of the seceret skins to give you an idea of what the look like


for those grammer freaks out there, i know my name is actually spelled
genocide. my real name starts with a J so thats how it came about. if you
would like to contact me, my address is
(c) 2005 All Rights Reserved

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