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My my, what a jump. For those of you who use and/or keep track of this mod, our last version was 5.02.

Thankfully, a change list was inc...


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My my, what a jump. For those of you who use and/or keep track of this mod, our last version was 5.02.

Thankfully, a change list was included in the .zip, and as such, I shall quote the changes, and allow you all to decide for yourselves.

Note: This starts at 5.03. For 5.02's changes, see the author's other files.

V5.11 > Setup and Add new mod tabs redesigned. > Additional error control added for JO and JA folder detection. > Icon displaying JK gametype now in top right corner. > Setup file not putting files in correct folders fixed. > Running JK on XP should now give it focus correctly.

V5.10 > Problem when base mod is double-clicked and there is nothing there fixed. > Problem with opening a mod and list is empty fixed. > Menu item for running 'PAK' program now reads 'PK3'. > Edit Command List and Edit Level List now working correctly (wooops! :-). > Some minor cosmetic improvements. > 'Close JK-Launch when JK is run' now loads setting correctly. > Bug with adding new patch (Type mismatch) fixed.

V5.09 > Completely redesigned the base mod tab so that each mod (active or inactive) is displayed in one list. > List now displays an icon of a lightsaber that changes depending on the status of the mod. > Sounds added to activation and deactivation of mods. > "assets" files can now be moved but a message is displayed asking the user if they are sure. > New way of activating and deactivating mods (by a rename instead of a move) which is a lot quicker. NOTE: If you have previously used the program you must either move all the mods in your 'inactive' folder (under "gamedata\base") to the base folder, or use a previous version to activate all mods before the new version will see them. > Double-clicking on a file under 'Add New Mod' opens it. > New button under 'Run' that allows the user to see the command line that gets executed when JK is run (and copies it to the clipboard).

V5.06 > Error control and messages now displayed upon changing game type if jasp.exe or jk2sp.exe not found in selected folders "gamedata" sub folder.

V5.05 > Changelist (this file) added to help menu. > Config loading changed. > Due in no small part to my own way of naming things it seems many thought this program was something meant for game updates instead of mods, so all references to 'patches' have been changed to 'mods'.

V5.03 > New system for loading/saving and displaying text files (now has a 500kb limit). > New help file.

- Averus Retruthan

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Download 'jklaunch_511_setup.zip' (2.7MB)


By James Compton 2008

JK-Launch is a mod manager and game launcher for Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy. It was created to help organise the many mods that are now available for the Jedi Knight II and III  games.

Features of JK-Launch
> Works with Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy
> Singleplayer and Multiplayer compatible
> Can organise mods in base folder
> Can organise mods in separate directories
> Add new mod feature
> Configuration file editor with key binder and syntax highlighting
> Launch JK with desired level and any additional commands
> And much more!

To install simply run the setup program and follow all on screen prompts.

NOTE: If you have previously used version 5.08 or less you must either move all the mods in your 'inactive' folder (under "gamedatabase") to the base folder, or use a previous version to activate all mods before the new version will see them.

To run the program correctly you must open the program with administrator privileges. To do this either right-click and select "Run as Administrator" or right-click, select properties, go to the "Compatibility" tab and select "Run this program as administrator".

If you still have problems running in this mode, use the enclosed batch file to correctly register the components (this again must be done as an administrator).

Quick Start
If it is your first time using JK-Launch you must setup your JK folders before you can use the program.

To do this go to the 'Setup' tab and select it here.

An example of a common Jedi Outcast directory is:
"C:Program FilesLucasArtsStar Wars JK II Jedi Outcast"

Main Program
The main program is split into six different tabs. These are described below.

Base mods
This tab is used for activating and deactivating mods installed to the gamedatabase folder. To activate or deactivate a mod double-click it. 

If you want to open a mod in your selected pk3 program (explained in setup) then click 'Open Mod' at the bottom of the screen.

You can activate or deactivate all mods by clicking the appropriate button. 
NOTE: this does not deactivate any 'assets' files.

Dir mods
This tab displays a list of directories in the gamedata folder. Clicking on the button will enable the mod for when you run JK.

The description can be changed by double-clicking the description caption.

If you want to view the folder that the mod is in just double-click the desired mod.

Add New mod
To add a new mod select a valid pk3, zip or rar file and click on 'Install mod'. The mod will then be placed under the directory you specified

Select the directory you want the mod installed to in the list box.

Double-clicking on the filename will open the file, regardless as to whether it is a zip, rar or pk3.

NOTE: Zip files can only be opened, not installed. This is due to the very unstable nature of zip files. You must unzip the files manually to a temporary directory or the JK directory.

Config Editor
This is a text editor that allows editing of JK configuration files. The editor automatically identifies certain commands used in config files and highlights them to make reading much easier.

The Bind tool allows a quick way for you to add bind commands to the config files. Simply select a key to bind then enter the command to bind to it. Click the button and the line will be copied to the clipboard, from which you can paste into your configuration file.

Setup your JK directory and PK3 program here. The PK3 program can be programs such as Winzip that open PK3 files.

NOTE: The PK3 program will also be used for unzipping zip files.

If the "Close JK-Launch when running JK" check box is selected then JK-Launch will close when you launch Jedi Knight.

The "Clear command list" button clears all additional commands under the 'Run' tab.

Here you select your JK executable file, and any additional commands that you wish to add when running it. Click the plus button next to the combo box to add the command to a list. You can edit this list with the designated button. Levels can also be loaded here in a similar way to the command list.

Clicking the button 'Copy command line to clipboard' will show you the exact command that is issued upon launching JK and copies it to the clipboard.

JK-Launch was originally created by James Compton in 2002. 6 years later and here we are! With the new version.

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