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Now I have for you all an update to the JK2 Animations. Again, since not much has really changed, I'll quote the previous review and list t...


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Now I have for you all an update to the JK2 Animations. Again, since not much has really changed, I'll quote the previous review and list the changes:

Who here likes the old idle, walking, and running stances from JK2 better than the ones in JK3? I know I personally do. The file I have here is a mod to change the idle, walking, and running stances to the ones in JK2. It does not change any of the actual stances while the lightsaber is on and the player is not moving, however. Also included is support for JA+ for those of you who use it.

Give this a download if it sounds good to you.


So what's new? Well, that depends on which of the 6 included pk3s you use. There's the Version1Fix pk3s and the Version2 pk3s. For version 1 fix, all that's new is an error where when the character's legs aren't on the same level, it will still use the JK2 stance for the upper body. For version 2, apparently the legs will not bother re-elevating themselves on uneven ground. For both, from what I could tell, the wall run animations have been changed to the JK2 versions of them.

Included is support for BaseJKA, JA+, and OJP for both versions of this file. Give it a download if you liked the JK2 Animations.


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 Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: JK2 Animations Version2
AUTHOR: Tsubasa
E-MAIL: fodderforthemasses@hotmail.com

FILENAME: JK2_Animations_base.pk3, JK2_Animations_japlus.pk3 and z_JK2_Animations_ojp.pk3
FILESIZE: All six files are about 12 KB
DATE RELEASED: 21 April 2007

CREDITS: LucasArts, RavenSoft, Slider and the OJP staff.
SPECIAL THANKS: LucasArts and RavenSoft for leaving behind most of their JK2 animations in
		Jedi Academy's &quot;_humanoid.gla&quot; file.

OJP Players: Place &quot;z_JK2_Animations_ojp.pk3&quot; into your mod folder.
JAPlus Players: Place &quot;JK2_Animations_japlus.pk3&quot; into your base or mod folders.
Everyone Else: Place &quot;JK2_Animations_base.pk3&quot; into your base or other mod folders.

General: Ever played JK2?  Didn't like the changes in Jedi Academy?  This mod helps
	 &quot;un-change&quot; the changes by returning the original standing, walking and running
	 animations with a slight twist.  There is still idle animation for standing
	 motionless, but this mod uses the original JK2-SP idle motion.

Version1 Fix: You know that feature where one of your legs elevate when you stand on un-even
	      ground?  Turned out the character's upper torso would revert back to JKA's
	      original standing posture when this occured.  This error has been corrected.

Version2: This is a seemingly bigger step from the &quot;Fix&quot; version.  This time the character's
	  legs won't bother to re-elevate themselves when you stand on un-even terrain or

COMMENTs: Apparently LucasArts/RavenSoft decided it would be fun to fully replace the
	  original JK2 animations concerning wall movement.  I was so mad when I found this
	  out that I did. . . absolutely nothing for an hour.  They were, however, redeemed
	  when I stumbled upon the source of the leg-elevating feature.  I know some of you
	  prefer your animations to be lightly modded, in which case the Version 1 Fix is
	  for you.  If you're a JK2 player at heart, however, you'll love Version2.  That's
	  why I included two different versions in the same .zip file.

NOTE to OJP PLAYERS: Before I submitted this mod I was informed by Razorace that they are
		     often changing animations for their mod in most updates.  The OJP
		     compatible version of this animation mod was made from the 0.0.9b
		     Enhanced version (don't worry, it should work in 0.1.2 Basic too) so if
		     you play another version of OJP, use this mod at your own risk.  I'll
		     try to submit updates of this mod whenever a new version of OJP comes


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