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This file involves some config file editing to get it to work, and I'm not sure how this affects servers, as different people won't have t...


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This file involves some config file editing to get it to work, and I'm not sure how this affects servers, as different people won't have the same thing in their configuration files, but thats not really relevant if you don't play online. But I must say it makes saber dueling VERY challenging. I was hoping it would work with guns as well, but unfortunately a UT2004 "insta-gib"-esque mod isn't available and this one only works with sabers. However its great fun to play with, and adds much more caution to a duel, which in turn adds to the realism.

I can reccomend this mod for a playaround as It's fun to use, but the same effect can be achieved using other mods like ja+ which enables you to specificly change damages for certain attacks, wheras this one affects every single move. So it might not be for everyone, and if you run another multiplayer mod which can give you the same effect, this might not be needed - but for those who want some lightning-fast reaction duels, I can't recommend this more :D

~Szico VII~

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Download 'jk3_mp_1_hit_kill.zip' (2KB)

Author: Marchus Williams (a.k.a. RED SITH)
e-mail: mbynw@hotmail.com

File Name: jk3_MP_1_hit_kill.zip

This is a simple Multiplayer modification in which you edit your 
"jampconfig" file, to kill opponents instantly. All it takes is 
"1-hit," and you win!. The focus of this modification is so
that saber dueling is, well "MORE REALISTIC!"

This mod is very challenging such that you'll have to avoid contact
with your opponents sabers and still beat them. Just being touched by
the saber blade will kill you.

This mod is extremely intense, and even though it might end gameplay
a little fast, it helps you master the art of the "lightsaber."

* This modification works best with the "jk3_MP_dismember" mod

* This modification works without enabeling cheats

* This modification works when "voting to another map"

Sometimes, saber battles in Multiplayer are either too slow (take
too long to finish), or it just doesn't make sense to keep hitting your
oppenent with a saber, when just "one" strike should give you the win.

"It's kind of fony for a lightsaber not to work, after you've hit your
opponent 10 times, and they kill you instead!"

Installation Instructions: (configuring your "jampconfig.cfg")
To make things easier, I've included a "jampconfig.txt" file, so that
you can just copy all the text, and paste it in your GameData, base,
jampconfig.cfg file.

Step1: Open "jampconfig.txt" from the zip archive and copy all the text.
Step2: Go to your GameData, base folder, and open "jampconfig.cfg"
       with wordpad (uncheck "always use this program to...").
Step3: Paste the text you've just copied at the bottom of the list.
Step5: Save it, and play.

Note: look for the entry: 

      seta g_saberDamageScale "1"

Change the "1" to "1000". Some people might have to copy and paste the
entry, while others might already have it. This is very important. I
don't know how it would affect the game if were are "two" of the same
entry for a specific command.

Problems and Solutions
1. "I don't have a "jampconfig.cfg" in my base folder!"

If "jampconfig.cfg" isn't in your base folder:
A. Start a new game and quit @ the menu screen to create 

B. Set your folder options to SHOW ALL FILES (the file might be hidden;
   and if it is, right click "jampconfig.cfg," click on properties,
   and uncheck hidden)

Unstallation Instructions:
To uninstall, simply open "jampconfig.cfg" in WordPad and delete the
lines: seta g_saberDamageScale "1000"
       seta password "redsith"

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