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Y'know, the JK community is pretty darn picky. With JK2, we all threw a fit because it took so long just to get a saber. So mods were made...


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Y'know, the JK community is pretty darn picky. With JK2, we all threw a fit because it took so long just to get a saber. So mods were made to fix it so that you got a saber from the very beginning of the Single Player game. Raven tried to appease us by giving us a saber in the beginning of the game in JA, but once again, it wasn't enough! They teased us with the promise of a staff saber or dual sabers later in the game. RED SITH deals with our complaints of not having those options from the beginning with a mod that allows you to choose what saber you want from the very beginning.

So if you're frustrated with having to just use the single saber for the first half of the game, download this mod and play Single Player through with the saber of your choice! Personally, I prefer using single saber anyway. To each his own!


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Download 'saber_menu_style_type_mod_v.2.zip' (5KB)


Author			: Marchus Williams <a.k.a. RED SITH>
E-Mail			: [email protected]
Website			: n/a

File (.Zip) Name	: Saber_Menu_Style_&_Type_Mod_v.2.zip
File (.Pk3) Name	: Saber_Menu_Style_&_Type_Mod_v.2.pk3
File Mod Type		: Single Player (SP)
File Size		: 4.29 KB (4,396 bytes)

Date Released		: 01/02/04

UPDATED			: v.2 (version 2) is the working version will no bugs. Now, after 
the &quot;vjun3&quot; level, you
                          can still continue to the next mission levels.

Description		: This mod gives you 2 advantages:

                          1. Choose a Saber Type (i.e. Standard, Dual, or 
Staff); in the start of any new game
                          2. Choose a Saber Style (i.e. Fast, Medium, or 
Strong); in the start of any new game

Comments		: To make this mod, I extracted a file from the JK3 demo version, 
which I later edited
                          and compiled into a JK3sp compatible version.

Why was it made???	: I wanted to be able to freely select my Saber Type and 
Style, each time I would start a
                          new game (just like the demo version). I got real 
tired of having to keep beating vjun3,
                          just so that I could finally choose my saber 
options. Besides, most of the game is
                          practically over, and all those completed missions 
could have been more exciting if I had
                          saber options of my choice.

			  Now, I can easily customize my saber style and type, and have an even 
better time playing
                          the game than with just a default &quot;Standard 

Installation		: Extract the &quot;.pk3&quot; file to your &quot;base&quot; folder

Removal			: Delete the &quot;.pk3&quot; file


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