JK3 SP Map List



Okay, before you go thinkin' that this is a useless submission from some guy ... think about how tedious it would be to figure out all of the SP maps names on your own and then compile a list and stuff. Okay, maybe you have time to do that - but I don't! So this list of Single Player maps with the descriptions of each mission will make it easy for me to test SP mods. Now I can go directly to a map where I know I'm bound to run into some of the high profile characters and get some screenshots. This would also be helpful for those of you who just want to play a certain mission and you don't want to play the whole game just to get to it. Very helpful little document, RED SITH. Thanks!




Created by - Marchus Williams <a.k.a. RED SITH>

E-mail - [email protected]

Why this file was created:

1. All mission level maps would be easy to access.

2. Players don't have to go through the &quot;ENTIRE&quot; game, just to play a

   desired mission level map.

3. The &quot;jk3sp mission map levels.txt&quot; contains &quot;ALL&quot; the SinglePlayer

   mission level maps, included with level map discriptions.


1. Print the &quot;jk3sp mission map levels.txt&quot; to use as a reference


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