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Sound mods seem to be submitted in abundance here. One thing many people never seemed satisfied with were the saber sounds. Either they didn...


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Sound mods seem to be submitted in abundance here. One thing many people never seemed satisfied with were the saber sounds. Either they didn't think the sounds were realistic enough or loud enough or any number of things. Many of these mods were quite popular and got high ratings. Personally, I like the sounds just the way they are, thank you very much. But you guys are modders, it's in your nature to change things. :)

This sound mod changes everything from saber sounds to blaster shots. According to the author, these sound changes make it a more immersive gaming experience for players. I dunno. I have to disagree. While the changes he made sound great, I don't think they work for the game. Yes, they are more reminiscent of the movies, but those sounds were made for the movies, not for a game. In my opinion, they just don't sound right. But don't listen to me! Download this huge file and decide for yourself. (By the way, I believe this file is so big because the author included EVERY wav available, whether he changed it or not.)


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Download 'jasoundfix.zip' (8.97MB)

Jk2/Jk3 Weapon sound mod. Read ME text. 

File name JAweaponsoundfinal.pk3
Author :Tim Wheeler (spidey)
Email: therealslinger@excite.com
AIM: therealslinger. 

Mod Descritption.

This basicaly changes most  of the weapons sound effects in the game to more accurately match  Ben Burt's sound design in Starwars movies.. providing a more immersive gaming experience. The end result is the intense gun fights and saber battles sound a bit more pleasing to the ears and more remeniscent of the movies.


Just extract or plop this sucker in your Jedi Acedmy  "base"  folder. thats it


Background(a long winded one)

Ok.. Jedi Outcast was great...but it had many many problems that really stood out to em and kept me from really enjoying the gameplay. 1 was guns sucked... and 2 was the sound effects were shallow, repetitive, and a tad off.  Especially the lightsaber sounds which sounded more a bunch like eletical static mixed down with whitenoise.  One of my fav aspects of the starwars movies is the soud effects..and seeing as this game was heavily based on lightsaber combat, the sound for that part should have had much more care put into( it in my opinion. ) The saber fights turned out to be annoying and noisy..and especially irritating with headphones on. so after figuring out how to mod JK2..i quickly begain experiment with replacing sounds. This is like my 5th version of the sound mod. and its technically been over a year in teh making. I used the the previous versions myself for a loong time and only shared them with friends. but this one I belive is finally complete and worthy of pos!
ting for the rest of you to enjoy. I used it as soon as i got Jedi Academy and tweaked the last of the sounds just for that game...
For the most part, I'm impressed a few of the new sounds included in Jedi Academy..but the old ones that sucked in JO are still there so this MOD is still needed ;)

There have been sound mods before.. but those were mostly just for lightsabers or else they were sounds that were meant to sound goofy. 
This one is different because it replaces most of the weapons and explosion in the game.  And I didnt' just rip sounds off the movie like everybody else(which usually left odd backgroudn music and extra sound garbage). I spent hours.. days and weeks re editing,mixing and cleaning up sounds and analyzing how they fit within the game's programing.  
In my opinion this is a must for all SP gamers and MP servers- ...get this and put it on your server so i can enjoy multiplayer again. ;)


Replaced Sounds

bryar pistol-ricochet
blaster fire
bowcaster fire and ricochet
bowcaster fire
demp gun fire
flechette- richochet
missle fire..
missle loop

saber wall hits
saber clashes
saber bounces
saber body hits
saber ignition(wasn't a problem before..i just like this one better)
all explosions


Bugs, Glithces

1. Due to. Ravens odd programing the sounds fit better in singelplayer lightsaber duels than in multiplayer. may not be that noticable..but it seems like certain hits produce different sounds ten they do in JA...which causes  problems when some clahes arent' as long as teh sound effect is..

2.cargo explode.mp3- a sound used for both destroying objects and slicing though destructible objects(with out desroying) with a  saber.. doesnt match every  instance.  
I struggled with 2 different sounds for this.. one sounded better for slicing.. one sounded better for destroying things. 
i ended up settling for the destroying becasue that happens more often than slicing(at least when i play). 

These are not so much bugs as superficial nit picky gripes on my part.. most peopel may not have a problem with at all with them (especially if you thought the orginal sounds were fine anyway) 



Lucasfilm and all the Starwars movies for original sounds
Some sounds were not ripped but were aquired from various sources including the web, and other starwars games that got it right. 
however every single sound  has been modified by me.. non of the sounds remain in their original form. I promise.

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