JKA Animation Fileset

This is a little fileset that includes everything you need to make your own animations. Enjoy.



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This is a little fileset that includes everything you need to make your own animations. Enjoy.


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Download 'jka_anim_file_set.zip' (262KB)

author: Keshire(me)

Installation: Install to the directory of your choice.


The file set I use for creating custom animations. 
This is only useable with 3ds max and character studio. 

I've included the following:
The max file with the jka xsi skeleton constrained to a character studio biped. (Animate the Biped and export. That is all there is to it. Compile it to a new gla, and use ASK's merging tool to merge it with the _humanoid.gla)

I've inlcuded the carcass file I use to compile. (this will set up the animation for merging with the main humanoid gla or alternatively for a single player cutscene) 

The model/mesh xsi I use for testing purposes. (alternatively a JO model could be used to make your anims JO compatible as long as every bone in the JO skeleton was weighted to something.)

I've inlcuded several biped motion capture files to help you along the way. 

There are: 
The root pose (needed at the beginning of every animation) 
All the saber stances 
And the standard crouch 
Clone Wars Rocket launcher holding. 
Movements and attacks for the Super Battle Droid. 
A crouching rocket launching anim for mandolorian rockets 
a 180 degree force push 
and dual weilding blaster anims. 

enjoy, and some of these Biped files may not have been the final versions. But at least you can edit them for your use. 

Since being used by www.moviebattles.com and http://www.lucasforums.com/forumdisplay.php?s=&forumid=542 (OJP)

I am free to upload these files for use and abuse. Just please give me credit for all the hard work in setting these up for use by the public. 

Also, Once the new Saber Style, Melee system, and Blocking system are used by either mod this data will be released too.

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