JKA Shorts #2

This video is a short comedy clip featuring Jaden, Rosh, and Kyle. I'm not sure why it's called shorts, seeing as how there's only on...


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File Description

This video is a short comedy clip featuring Jaden, Rosh, and Kyle. I'm not sure why it's called shorts, seeing as how there's only one, but I guess it's meant to suggest more will come later. The number probably would have been enough for that, though, and wouldn't have disappointed me so much when it ended at only one scene. :p

It seems this film is done attempting to mimic the JKA Re-edited series most of us have come to love. I myself think it goes a little over the top and passes over "funny" and goes straight to "oooookay... that was weird". You know, like it's trying too hard to be funny, and as a result kind of... isn't. Y'know? I found a couple of isolated jokes funny, but on the whole I didn't think it flowed too well and some of the jokes were just a little too out in left field for me (and I'm easily amused). I wouldn't call it bad, I'd just recommend our filmers try to find a little bit of their own style rather than just trying to copy Eaglestriker. Might still be worth a download if you enjoyed the Re-edited series, as it is very reminiscent of those. :)


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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: JKA Shorts #1
AUTHOR: Wawel and Link
E-MAIL: wawelt@gmail.com
WEBSITE: http://www.thejawaclan.com

FILENAME: jkashorts1.zip
FILESIZE: 30.7mb
DATE RELEASED: 30th October 2007

CREDITS: Paramount Pictures Corp for the mission impossible theme music. Wawel for putting the video togather and filming. Link for mixing the sounds, making graphics and acting. DarkSoul for acting. Phonock for the Kyle zombie reskin. Hans Zimmer & Lisa Gerrard for the music at the beginning and end titled "Battle". Virtue for his amazing Academy V3 map. Slider for the mod we were using to film (JA+) and EagleStriker for providing help to Wawel (The creator of the famous re-edited series) and ObiWanKenody for giving Wawel some tips.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Simply open the .zip file with an extractor program and run the .wmv file in your media player, then simply enjoy.

DESCRIPTION: JKA Shorts is basically a small set of videos aimed for comedy purposes, the origional plan was to create 10 funny clips and put them into one mini movie however that idea was scrapped. All ideas are not copied and are thought up by the insane mind of Wawel and Link. The idea behind this project is to enjoy ourselves and give people something to smile at, which in my opinion is what every project similar to ours should be based on.

BUGS: Only problems I have seen are a graphics bug under Kyle as he is standing facing away from Jaden, as you can see it is like a rainbow and that occurs usually when a player minimizes the game and the graphics card dislikes it.

COMMENTS: I hope everyone enjoys it, we absolutely love critism so feel free to give us some advice for the future :).


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