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As far as I understand it, this file is a template for use with GaTeX which is...


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As far as I understand it, this file is a template for use with GaTeX which is some kind of freeware text editor. Two styles are included: FILEFRONT and FILEFRONT_FLAT. The flat style is a little less 'pretty', but should work better with our file page formatting.

From the description (I'm not in the habit of downloading third party software just to test something that's sent to us) this sounds like it may be a little complicated for your average user, but for others who like a more unique read-me format it may come in handy. Check the read-me for some in-depth instructions on how to use this which I will not repeat here. Check the screenshot to see some examples of the formats you can produce.


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Download 'jkfiles_readme_template_gatex.zip' (68KB)

**                  JEDI KNIGHT: Jedi Academy                  **
  #         TITLE : JKFiles readme template for GaTeX         #  
  #                      TYPE : Utility                       #  
  #                       VERSION : 0.1                       #  
  #               AUTHOR : Gamall Wednesday Ida               #  
  #               E-MAIL : [email protected]               #  
  #              WEBSITE : http://gamall-ida.com              #  
  #                                                           #  
  #                    FILESIZE : < 10 Ko                     #  
  #                 RELEASE DATE : July 2007                  #  
+   DESCRIPTION                                                  
+=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-o          +
 These  are  two  'style templates' made with JKFiles readmes in 
 mind, to  be  used  with  the  plain  text  formatter  'GaTeX'. 
 The  first one is a very plain layout that displays well enough 
 in the worst case, which is  to  say  variable-width  font  and 
 trimed  spaces  (sadly,  that's exactly how filefront's reviews 
 display readmes).                                               
 The other one provides a more original  layout  with  a  decent 
 amount of eye-candy, which will look good as long as spaces are 
 not  trimed and a fixed-width font is used to display raw text. 
 Since both these styles define the  same  structural  commands, 
 you  can compile the same readme using the two distinct layouts 
 in a matter of seconds: I suggest to ship  the  'sophisticated' 
 version  with  the  mod,  and  the  'plain'  version  with  the 
 submission mail. Then the reviewer can paste the plain  version 
 on filefront, which won't look 'broken' there, while your users 
 will still have the better-looking one :-)                      
+   HOW DO I USE THAT THING ?                                    
+=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-o          +
   -   Installation: Three steps                                 
   -~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o          -
 First,  you  need to have a working GaTeX system: just download 
 the latest version using the link provided in the 'About GaTeX' 
 section (or the  internet  shortcut  file).  Then  extract  the 
 archive anywhere convenient.                                    
 Second,  you  need  to  install  the  two  styles: just replace 
 GaTeX's  'format.ini'  file  by  the   'format.ini'   provided. 
 The  third  step is... to learn to use the thing effectively... 
   -   How do I get it to work?                                  
   -~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o          -
 Now would be the time to take a quick  look  at  the  'What  is 
 GaTeX'  section  before  reading  any further. Done? Good. Look 
 into the 'DEMOS' folder: There are four  files  there.  Two  of 
 them are '.gat' source file. Open them with Wordpad, Notepad or 
 anything else that opens plain text. Now compare with the other 
 two,    which   are   the   corresponding   'compiled'   files. 
 You will quickly understand that words begining  with  ''  are 
 commands,  and  that the text to be formatted is always between 
 \some_structural_command and \end. Well, that's really all  you 
 need  to  understand  to  actually  use  GaTeX with the JKFiles 
 Now, all you have to do is to replace the text in  the  example 
 by  your  own, then compile. To do that, just drag and drop the 
 source file onto GaTeX.exe's icon. The formatted file  will  be 
 automatically  created  and  displayed  (with  GaTeX's  default 
 settings). The name of the generated file is given in  \output, 
 at the begining of the source file.                             
 One last, important thing: To select the style you want to use, 
 just  put  either FILEFRONT or FILEFRONT_FLAT in \style, at the 
 very beginning of the source file.                              
+   ABOUT GaTeX                                                  
+=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-o          +
 In as few words as possible, GaTeX is a plain  text  formatter, 
 which   handles  content  and  layout  independantly  from  one 
 another. It uses its own syntax to  describe  the  'styles'  or 
 'templates', which are layout specifications, all stored in the 
 file 'format.ini'. The syles are a set of 'structural commands' 
 which can then be used as a kind of markup language to describe 
 content.  The  content  files  are  then  'compiled'  to create 
 formatted files.                                                
 Download:       http://gamall-ida.com/f/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=167 
+   END OF FILE                                                  
+=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-o          +

  | File generated with 'GaTeX',|
  | an ASCII typesetting system |
  | by  Gamall  Wednesday  Ida. |
  |   http://gamall-ida.com     |
  Build: Wed Jul 18 20:04:18 2007
  File : filefront_pack_readme.gat

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