JKR Coruscant



One thing I love about JA is the ability to use vehicles so extensively. So any map that contains vehicles I will instantly have some kind of liking for.

I'll get the problems over and done with to start. First of all is the FPS...they're quite bad in some area's due to no vis blocking and excess pre-spawned NPC's - one room is full of R2D2's, c3PO's and jawa's - while fun to kill, they do adversly affect game speed. There are also one or two texture overlaps such as the blue transport beams overlapping their containing brushes. The textures are also quite repetative, while this is to be expected being building heights, sometimes the scale is too off which makes it look rather odd. One of the transporters has a bit of a direction problem which causes you to get stuck on the upper race track also due to a direction problem on the transport target. My final real thought is on the music...I am really not a heavy music fan so I had to turn it off, however I know a lot of you will like the music...the question for me to answer though is, is it fitting for the map? I don't think it is!

The map is basically 3 race tracks, one above the other. The top race track is black...pure black, I can't work out if this was by design (to make it hard to navigate) or a lack of lights and the readme does not say either. This also may just be my pc refusing to load dynamic shader glows which illuminate their environment dynamically...I hope it's not! The lighting could have done with tweaking in other areas but at least this map has lighting! So many people are releasing racing/flying maps without lighting that it's getting annoying. I'm glad to see the author attempted to light the map :)

This map is a JKR map, i.e. it is designed for racing mainly in swoops and the courses will give you a challenge, many parts of the map bob up and down which means if you time things wrong you'll end up falling to your death! The map also has use of the shader cars (see pic below) which is a simple effect that adds a bit more movement to the map making it more appealing.

This map does have faults, but the mapper is new and I offered to help in the early stages of development and so can vouch for his eagerness to learn. This is a good first step in the advanced mapping process :)

New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes (music) Bot Support: No




JKR Coruscant

I am not the best of mappers but i guarantee this is much better than wat i made b4 enjoy :P

I owe credit to chrono and wade chrono made the first jkr and wade helped me a lot in the map. And some textures i took from stampers jk2 prefabs.

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