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*Theme Song plays* Last time we left off Space Captain Adrid was trying to find the Ship Arena, where he believed the President was hiding....


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*Theme Song plays* Last time we left off Space Captain Adrid was trying to find the Ship Arena, where he believed the President was hiding.

Space Captain Adrid: Hello! I am Space Captain Adrid and this is my ship Yangyan. It is equipped with new sounds, and bot support so if I need my baby R2C2 to fly then bang baby its in hyper drive! We are on our way to the Ship Arena we believe the President is hiding there with his stuffed animal "Buckles".

Meanwhile at the Ship Arena Dr.Vash was planning an evil plot against Space Captain Adrid.

Dr.Vash: Muahahaha that dumb old Space Captain Adrid is going to fall in my trap of bad FPS unless he has an incredible video card! Then he will be running around and see that random parts of the Ship Arena shall go missing!!! He will also see ship that’s in a nosedive and try to save it and he should die! Muahahaha!!!

Dr.Vash set up all the traps and Space Captain Adrid was about to arrive.

Space Captain Adrid: R2C2 put us into Hyper Drive and lets get this baby rolling!

R2C2: Beep Oo Beep Boop eet

Space Captain Adrid: Watch out R2C2!! Those are Asteroids!!!! Let me fly!

R2C2: Poob

Space Captain Adrid: Take that you nasty Asteroid! Whoa that was a strange teleport how come I can't leave this area I keep teleporting!! Look there is the Ship Arena hang on tight R2C2 we are going to dive into it I am going to jump out of this baby and let you fly it to safety let me get my saber and everything.

Dr.Vash: Aha! There he is what an idiot falling for a trap. Soon he will get the terrible FPS when I add this Bot. *Adds bot* Muahahaha!!

Space Captain Adrid: Hmm, how should I find the Presi a!!! Lag!!! FPS LAG!!!! Help me!!! Must hit that bot! *Throws Saber* yes! I got it. Time to look for Mr. President.

Dr.Vash: Why hello there Space Captain Adrid.

Space Captain Adrid: It's my Arch Rival Dr.Vash! What are you doing here?

Dr.Vash: Oh just the usual drinking tea with my best bud over there.

Space Captain Adrid: *Turns around* Where?

Dr.Vash: *Bang* Haha! Knocked you out cold Adrid and the best part is it was with all-clad pan 4-inch titanium steel!

Space Captain Adrid: Ow!! Time to bring out my Light Saber! Wait I forgot my light saber in my mom's car... darn!

Dr.Vash now I will just push you off this ledge and you will never see me again!

*Space Captain Adrid gets pushed off the platform*

Space Captain Adrid: Hmm what can I do I know! I will teleport back to the top get in one of those many ships and fly towards that strange rancor and then direct him toward the rest of the ships and let him blow them all up and each time they re-spawn they will go back to normal! Then I will go get on one of those swoops and race around the track once then fly off and nail Dr.Vash in the head with a Jomamo kick! *Warp* Here it goes!

Space Captain Adrid gets in an x-wing and flies toward the Rancor and lures him toward the rest of the ships and Dr.Vash began running as fast as he could to the swoops he finally got on one and said Aha! Space Captain Adrid jumped out of the x-wing and got on a swoop.

Space Captain Adrid: I will get you!!

Dr.Vash: Dream on I have been riding these forever

Space Captain Adrid: *Stands up on front of swoop and jumps onto Dr.Vash's swoop* Aha! Take this and that and this and that. Bang! Boom! Wam! Kaboom! Smack! That's the last time you will be putting no new textures over this Space Arena. You’re going to the Chronomium Institute.

Dr.Vash: Nooo!!

Space Captain Adrid shipped Dr.Vash off to the Chronomium Institute and began observing the Ship Arena. He noticed that some of the walls would randomly go missing and that with one shot you could destroy an asteroid. He also noticed how low the FPS was because of all those ships and such. He saw that all the ships re-spawned fine and that there was bot support with some Matrix music playing. He saw no new textures and was sad at that. He didn't like the fact that it was so laggy with all the ships, but he did like the fact that the map was a JKR map and it had swoops to race with. He loved the fact that you could never crash too unless you run into asteroids or walls of course or other ships.

Space Captain Adrid: I knew I could use the Yangyan!


New Sounds: Yes New Textures: No Bot Support: Yes Game Types: FFA

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Download 'jkr-shiparena.zip' (416KB)

Jedi Academy Modification

Name: Jedi Knight Racing: Ship Arena

How to install: extract to gamedata/base
How to uninstall: Delete it from where you installed it

Description: Mini Version of KOTOR_FLIGHT_SCHOOL and JKR_TATOOINE, vehicles and rancor respawns automaticly, perfect for JKA Racing.

1. Ships at the center of the racetrack, so if you get bored of racing, you can fly.
2. Loads of swoops
3. Tiny bit of bot support, they might even ride the vehicles (Cause they spawn above it).
4. You can never crash, it teleports you to the other side of the map if you fly too far away.
5. Asteroids!!
6. Vehicles Respawn

1. Try playing this map at high quality, with loads of players/bots, on a bad graphic card: LAAAAAAAAAAAG
2. Bots will jump of the edge, and will still sometimes act like bunnys.

5. play with some real people, not that much lag, cause you dont have jumping bunnies/bots everywhere..
6. Ok, you get the point
8. Oh well, it froze your game for 1 second only.

Author: Yangyan aka. Hylian_loach, aka. yycdestroyer
E-mail: yangyan@dodo.com.au

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