What we have here is the first map made specifically for Jedi Knight Racing that was not created by Chrono. This one is brought to us by Ja...


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What we have here is the first map made specifically for Jedi Knight Racing that was not created by Chrono. This one is brought to us by Jason. Texture-wise, it looks strikingly similar to the Tatooine map that comes packed with Chrono's Jedi Knight Racing mod. Meaning, the author used Chrono's textures in this map, and there's no new music, or bot support. The course is obviously different, and there is a roof over this map, so no sunlight comes in.

Yet the course is still somewhat generic. It has your usual bends and turns, and a jump here and there, plus a rancor roaming around one of the areas with pillars. The rancor is a very nice touch, as it startled me as I was coming around one of the bends! Plus there is an inaccessible room to the left of the starting point, with some chairs and stuff. But again, it was inaccessible to me. *shrugs* The racers themselves still look nice, but it doesn't look like the author put in the code to make them respawn on their own.

As a JKR map, this doesn't really do much to expand on what Chrono did with Tatooine. You have to be a pretty careful driver to make it around this map without destroying your vehicle on the pillars or the rancor! But still, it IS nice to see that someone out there has taken some time to try and help give JKR some legs. :) Keep them coming everyone!

~Lord Griever~

[b]New Textures - No New Music - No Game Types - JKR :P

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This map was made by me LordChris12 (new name: Jason)

Its simply a test to see if jedi knight racing maps are succsesful

I owe credit to Chrono the person who gave birth to JKR.

This mod is not supported by LucasArts or RavenGames. Jedi Knight: Racing is a trademark of Chrono, logo design by ShroomDuck. This mod is not to be used as a base for other mods without consent of the original author(s).

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