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Well here is another skin of a character that I don't know about! And, thankfully, the author has included information about the character i...


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Well here is another skin of a character that I don't know about! And, thankfully, the author has included information about the character in the readme. Joclad Danva, a jedi knight that fought in and survived the Battle of Geonosis. He later died at the hands of Anakin. As a reskin of the Qui-Gon model, it isn't all that bad. The hair is completely black, but the robes look almost took dark. Once again, the pant area looks like the author used a canvas brush. The boots look like they are solid black now, but from the screenshots provided I think that they could have used a small shader. (Boots have to be nice and shiny ;)) This does come with team skins, which are the same as the default skin other than they have different messages in what I think is a star warsy font. For each team the message is that team's color. The author has included Bot and Npc support into this as well. However, the npc version of the skin has a tan cloak on it that just doesn't seem to fit the skin, I think that a darker color cloak would have worked better. This also includes overrides sounds for Force Jump and Dark Rage. They sound kinda weird, but that's why they're in a separate pk3. This also comes with a saber that is supposed to be Joclad's.

New Sounds: Yes Bot Support: Yes Npc Support: Yes Team Support: Yes


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Title   : Joclad Danva -Completely Reskin-
Author  : HOUOU
Website : none
E-mail  :
File Name     : joclad_cr.pk3, p_forcesounds.pk3
File Size     : 2.13MB, 121KB

BOT Support   : YES
NPC Support   : YES
TEAM Color    : YES
WEAPON        :"The model of the NEW LIGHTSABER is added."

 I think that SKIN of "Joclad Danva" was submitted before.
But, former I made it newly because I didn't know how to make SKIN and I was corner-cutting too much.

============Gratitude and thanks============
 When this skin was made, it let me use the model of "tex_quigon".
Everyone of the maker of the model was grateful!
Then, I am sorry to use it freely...

----------------------CHARACTER DATA-------------------
---[Joclad Danva]---
 Jedi Knight, Joclad Danva is the famous soldier who learns teras kasi.
He participated in the martial arts tournament held with Bunduki regularly.
But, it yields to Phow Ji at the convention held just before the clone great war,
and participation is declined after that.

 After that, he went for geonosis with Mace Windu and other jedis to rescue Obi=Wan-Kenobi.
It was damaged in many jedis by this battle by the droid army of the separatist power.
Until the clone army of the republic arrived, he held out, and became one of just a few survivors.
 An anecdote after that isn't clear.
But,Some of the information......
 After that, Palpatine carried out a plot at last, and Anakin attacked a Jedi Temple with Clone troopers.
Most of jedis was destroyed by the clone's revolt.
Joclad fought against Anakin Skywalker which turned to Death Vader.
But, it is said that he was beaten in vader.

 He has two Light Sabers, and fights.
But, he had only one green Light Saber by the movie.

 Stunt man's Kyle Rowling plays Joclad Danva.
After that, he took charge of the movement of General Grievous, with Episode3.

===[Team Color arrange (It is not default)]===
 It didn't think that it was interesting to make SKIN only as usual,
and I added some arrangement to this character.
Actually, this character isn't well-known.

So, I thought.

 Because separate texture could be put in the left-right eyes,
I made the color of the left-right eye a really different color.
It seems to be "FF10 YUNA" of the famous character. 
It may be a taste completely.
But, approve that, please.

 Incidentally, the character being written in costume is JEDI SYMBOL.
BLUE COSTUME=[Peace of mind]

[Of course, these changes aren't added to the DEFAULT.]

 Tentatively, the color of robe was lowered, too. 
It is light brown.

The position of the model and skin is a little ignored to reproduce a costume.

 Sound is added because of this character.
It was used from a certain action game again.

 Though there is a Robe version of Joclad, it can't be used by the multi-play.
Because, the scene that he wears robe isn't seen.
Therefore, it didn't think that it needed to add robe.

 This lightsaber model is my original.
This lightsaber model isn't a little accurate.
It was unavoidably made a little simple because the adjustment of the polygon was difficult.

 Open a console, and type "saber single_joclad" when you read this saber.

 There are three kinds of NPC's.

1,Joclad -single lightsaber- "npc spawn joclad_one"
2,Joclad -dual lightsabers- "npc spawn joclad_two"
3,Joclad -It wears robe- "npc spawn joclad_robe"

 Of course, the command of [playermodel] can be used, too.

 The texture of the skin may not be so realistic as that.
But, I think that it was finished in as natural texture as possible...

BUGS      :
 This model is a model for JK2 from the first.
Therefore, there is a point where it doesn't work well in JA.

-The action of Dual Sabers doesn't work completely.-

 There may be somewhat a few bugs with an influence of the environment of the game.


Title   : Peculiar Force Sounds

 I processed new Force sounds with the sound left over when it was used for the character.

[Changed sound]

1.Force Jump
2.Dark Rage

 Put a joclad_cr.pk3 file to the /lucas arts/Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi
Academy/GameData/base folder.

 Put it in the same folder when you use [SUB MOD].


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