-{JotR}- FFA SandTrap v1

Well, I’m not quite sure what to classify this map as, it seems to be some kind of academy map. But there aren’t any clan references anywher...


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Well, I’m not quite sure what to classify this map as, it seems to be some kind of academy map. But there aren’t any clan references anywhere on the map, except for in the name. It would also work well as a normal FFA I should imagine. So really, this is a bit of an all rounder ;)

This is a Tatooine map (Tatooine maps always seem to be very popular for some reason :S) with architecture that resembles some of the architecture featured on Knights of The Old Republic (KotOR), such as the very large skylights with the rounded off edges which remind me of the ones that were in the Jedi Academy on Dantooine. The bar areas also resemble those found on KotOR, they even have the KotOR bar music (which I love ;) ). Quite a bit of the architecture here has rounded-off edges, like the two large pillars in the main docking bay area, features such as that also remind me of the KotOR architecture, and I think add a nice touch to this map :)

There is some interesting use of windows too, like lots of small round windows all along a wall, which looks cool, but is a bit unusual for a Desert Base / Tatooine themed map. One of the best things was a sort of indoor stadium / arena. I was looking through the map (which is fairly large, and a bit difficult to find your way around at times) and I thought I had seen everything….when I stumbled upon this indoor arena. This was definitely the best architectural feature of the map! This would make an excellent place for Duels and Dueling tourneys, or for lessons on dueling, if the map is used by clans or academies. The use of patch meshes in this arena was brilliant, I have no idea how the author did the seating but it really looks brilliant. The only error I saw there was that part of the ceiling wasn’t quite stretched to the end, and I could see inbetween the end of the ceiling and the wall, but its not really noticeable if your dueling, Infact, I almost missed it myself!

Best of all though, the map had KotOR music (which I also LOVE) it was the one that plays when your in the Sand People Enclave, and it really fit well with the map :)

Things that could be improved upon:

Mainly the lighting, overall, the quality wasn’t too bad, but it did annoy me a bit after a while, because it seemed quite blotchy in places, and the shadows created were quite rough. Try compiling with BSP –meta –vis –light –fast –filter as that makes the shadows smoother I find.

The structure of the map wasn’t too bad, but in some places the patch meshes didn’t seem to fit very well. The texturing was mostly pretty good though.

All in all a nice map here, it could do with a little improvement here and there, but a nice map nonetheless. Keep up the good work! :)

Bot Support: No New Textures: No New Sounds: Yes New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA, TFFA


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Download 'jotrffa_sandtrap_v1.zip' (7.35MB)



Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 
TITLE: -{JotR}-Ffa_SandTrap_V1 
AUTHOR: PyroTechnics
E-MAIL: PyroTechnicsDesign@gmail.com 
WEBSITE: http://www.freewebs.com/jotr (clan website)) 

FILENAME: -{JotR}-Ffa_SandTrap_V1.pk3 
FILESIZE: 7.629 kb 
DATE RELEASED: 20 th of August 2005 

CREDITS: George Lucas/ Raven, and any people that worked on the game, and stories.

Install the pk3 file in your base folder...default path = 

c:\programfiles\lucasarts\starwars jedi knight jedi academy\gamedata\base


After being really bored making the manaan_beta map I decided to make something 
completely different.
When my clan JotR (Jedi of the Republic) was going to make a restart I thought 
about doing a map for it.
It is a neutral clan map and not one of those with symbols or tags in it etc...
you know what I mean ;).

This ffa academy type of map is suposed to act as a JotR base, along with the music 
(that I really loved) from kotor I made a Tatooine styled map with several dueling 
areas, and a large bar to relax in.

Nothing too fancy scripting or any special kind of textures where added, but I did 
try to devlope a special design in all things in the map.
For next versions I will finish the doors an hallways that are currently locked, 
and you will be able to explore deeper undergroud.
My aim is getting this map as complete as I can in V2.

I have never seen it done before so I thought why not!
At first people where kinda sceptical about it, but in the end I hope I was right 
with pushing this through.(that is for you to judge;) )
Have fun playing this map, and feel free to email me about ideas or bugs.
But please introiduce yourself a bit first :).



*few patches not fitting properly, 
*some z-ing at the connection points of curved patches,
*rancor spawn room gave some void problems for a few people.


I had alot of fun making this map, and surprisingly enough I didn't became bored 
with it. 
I hope you enjoy this map, and watch out where you step you might step into a 
pool of water ;)


Beta Testers:
             * -{JotR}-JediKizza
             * -{JotR}-Ridler
             * JygonShen


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