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Ladies! Gentlemen! Children of a ages! Step right up folks, step right up ... come see the amazing, the incredible ... the Jumping Jawa! Forget everything you know about Jawas, forget everything you've heard! This Jawa is a special Jawa and for the first time ever - we're going to let you see this act for free. Never before has this been done. Never before has it been documented, but we have a very special show for you today, ladies and gentlemen. Don't take my word for it! See it for yourself. See this chart here? *points down at the screenshot* It shows the exact route the Jawa will take to make it to the top of that building! Believe it or not, folks, there are no tricks here - no smoke or mirrors. So step right up and see the incredible Jumping Jawa!!!

Or, like, y'know, just download the demo and watch that. :) It's pretty cool that he mastered that jump. I tried it myself and like, well, let's just say ... no one's getting a hold of a copy of that demo. ;)




The 1st in a series of utterly pointless,
but incredibly challenging jumps in JKA :P

File info

Demo of a 1337 jump in mp/ffa3

Installation Instructions

This demo requires JKA 1.01

put the <demo name>.dm_26 in <gamedir>/GameData/base/demos

To play it, type '\demo <demo name>'.


Brought to you by Teh Jumping Jawa! (aka AbU5e)

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