Jumping Jawa's



There's more demo's than you can shake a stick at here! And of course I lrve Jawa's so found it fun just to watch them!

Many of these demo's show exploits in various maps so I feel a bit worried about putting them up while at the same time feeling relieved. Worried because people can take advantage of these exploits now....relieved because now everyone can see where people are going and how they are getting there so it makes it hard to pull off an exploit perfectly.

Anyway they're demo's of various exploits and amazing jumps, good to watch and good to show you some new stuff! Failing all that, it's JAWA'S!!!#

As AbU5e says in the readme; Jawas > all




File info
Demos of more* 1337 jumps in JKA.
* There are still hundreds of others :p
Installation Instructions
This demo requires JKA 1.01.
additionally, several of the demos also require the Raven bonus maps
Extract the 'TehJumpingJawa2.pk3' to your \gamedata\base\ folder.
To play any of the demos, either select them from the menus (Play->Demos) or type '\demo TehJumpingJawa2_X' into the console.
Inside the zip you will also find screenshots of each jump.
Brought to you by Teh Jumping Jawa! (aka RSO: AbU5e)
Also thanx to
masta (aka RSO: Nova) for being my chainjump wh0re.
ArchPaladin for being an expert switch flicker.
Jawas > all

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