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It's so disappointing when something doesn't deliver what it promises. Not to say that this mod doesn't do what it says it does - it's j...


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It's so disappointing when something doesn't deliver what it promises. Not to say that this mod doesn't do what it says it does - it's just not what I expected. According to the readme, the map is supposed to be like, the be-all, end-all in duel maps. I wasn't impressed. It was bland and boring. I found z-fighting. The map is too big for a duel map and too small for an FFA. There's nothing interesting about it. The sabers didn't seem to be different in the slightest. The Bushido sword was nice, but I wonder who modeled it. The menus were changed, there are apparently some skins included and taunt moves. Overall though, this mod is less than mediocre. Download it if you'd like, but you'll find better mods much more worth your time to download.


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			  Junkie-RidersXmod Readme File
Name: Junkie-RidersXmod
File: Junkie-RidersXmod.pk3
Authors: Tolga Cakir and Bot-Terbloom
Email: ayhan.cakir@teleos-web.de
Homepage: www.junkie-riders.de.vu (German)
Forum: www.sodforum.xgame.de.vu
Version: v1.0
Worktime: 5 Months
Date: 16.12.2004
Put Junkie-RidersXmod.pk3 into your GameData/Base folder. You can find the 
GameData/Base folder in your Jedi-Knight 3: Jedi Academy Directory.
-Stylemod. New Style for your Menu. The Music is Legaly recorded (From Radio), so I
can't be a Prisoner for 3 Years.
-Taunt Moves. You can use them, when you have 2 Sabers or Dual and press the
taunt key.
-Skin. This Skins are so good, that you can't leave them!
-Map. With this Map, your Server will be the best Duelserver.
-Musics. This Musics are the best of all! You can use them when you Type into your
Duel of the Fates - /music music/mp/duel.mp3
Menu Music - /music music/t2_dpred/impbaseb_action.mp3
-Realistic Saber. With this Sabers, you'll have a realistic game-feeling.
-Weapons. With the Bushido Sword, you'll kick the enemys to america.
About us:
This Mod is Made by Tolga, Bot-Terbloom and Cmd.Keen.
For more information, visit our homepage at www.junkie-riders.de.vu
Copyright 2004-2005 by Junkie-Riders

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