Ok, this is a single player Mod brought to us by Dark $amurai.

I must admit, I did not play through this very far, but here's what...


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Ok, this is a single player Mod brought to us by Dark $amurai.

I must admit, I did not play through this very far, but here's what i did see. Some of the opening screens in single player have been changed, one of which I think originally was a screen saver out there somewhere. The effect was pretty cool. I did notice that when piecing together you character, the music sounded kinda funky. Once in game, you start to notice some changes. The meter readouts have been altered nicely. Your good buddy Rosh, is now a form of Darth Maul.. kinda spooky! The author has reversed it in the way that what was once light side, is now dark side. Instead of running into stormtroopers, I found myself facing Jedi pilots, and the first saber carrying character i fought... was Chewy! Kyle now is Darth Vader, and all of his pal's are there. Although.. maybe it was just me, but at the temple, I think I saw two Anakin's standing together??

Anyway, It seams this author has done a fairly decent job, and I will say it was kinda fun playing through what I did having the roles reversed. One thing maybe for future reference, as the author has already said, the voices remain the same.. really weird seeing Vader offer you his hand sounding like Kyle lol.

Pretty good job Dark $amurai, once the voices are replaced, I think this Mod will be a nice twist.

- Lizardking

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Download 'junkieridersxmod_v1.31.zip' (17.6MB)


Name: Junkie-RidersXmod v1.31: Dawn of the Sith
Author : Tolga Cakir
Nickname: Dark $amurai
Date : 29.3.2005, 20:58
Filename : Junkie-RidersXmod v1.31.pk3
Worktime : 19 Days
Filesize : 17,6MB
Version : v1.31
Email : ayhan.cakir@teleos-web.de
Best Feature: Single Player Sith MOD
Mobile Phone: 
Homepage: www.TolgaCakir.de.vu
-=[Features in this Version:]=-

1. There are all the old Features (JRXMod v1.0, JRXMod v1.1, JRXMod v1.2, JRXMod v1.3)

2. Now there are all known Bugs removed.

3. New Models are included for example Obi-Wan, Anakin and Count Dooku.

4. New Backgrounds and Moves.

5. There are lots of new Saberhilts. For example: Anakin, Windu and Obiwan.

6. Your Master is Darth Vader, your friend Darth Maul and the Owner
of the Academy Darth Sidious.

7. And there is much more, but I don't remember, sorry.
-=[Features in Next Version:]=-

1. The Voices will be replaced!

2. 2 New SP Maps (Kamino and Sith-J-Cull's Falcon)

3. And lots of little things like a Hud Menu, where you can choose
your HUD for your next fight!

4. All Species are changed.

5. The Style will be changed (all GFX).

Put Junkie-RidersXmod v1.31.pk3 into the GameData/Base folder.

Projectleader: Tolga Cakir
Modeller: Tolga Cakir
Scripter: Tolga Cakir
Mapper: Tolga Cakir

Thanks to Mars Marshall and the others, who made all the models!
Programms I used:

Jasc Software - Paint Shop Pro 9
SDK - ModView
Adobe - Photoshop CS
Discreet - 3dsMax 7
SDK - EffectsEd
SDK - MD3View
Team Junkie-Riders Members:

Leader/s : Tolga Cakir
Scripter/s: Tolga Cakir
Mapper/s : Tolga Cakir
Modeller/s: Tolga Cakir
Other/s : Tolga Cakir

To join, send me an Email.
Copyright 2005 by Junkie-Riders

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