Kadaj, Yazoo and Loz: Sephiroth's Remnants

Rejoice, fans of Advent Children! The time has come for the models based on the three overly effeminate evildoers to arrive to your e...


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Rejoice, fans of Advent Children! The time has come for the models based on the three overly effeminate evildoers to arrive to your eager hands. It's been somewhere around two years since Gir first showed the people his model and Eclypse took it upon himself to finish it and get it in the game. All three of the bros are there and they look quite good, though not as effeminate as they did in the movie.

Alright, so let's get the good out of the way. Gir's modeling is great. He's done a very nice job with the face and the outfit. The skinning also looks good. While I would've pushed for slightly more specularity in the textures, I suppose leaving it to the shader was a wiser choice. Eclypse's weighing is also improving. The only downside I saw was the upper torso area, where the straps holding the shoulderguards sometimes moved a bit with the arms. The shoulders also twist very strangely during some animations, but I suppose that's more Raven's fault than his. I would, however, have given the arms a bit more influence towards the spine to bring most of the shoulder guards along when the arms move. But that's just me.

And now we get to the part where I tear it a new one. There's some inconsistency in the textures, namely Kadaj's head and neck don't match up. The alpha mapping on the hair could also be better, but as it is, it doesn't hurt the eye. There's also something about the faces that give them a slightly snake-like look. And I feel the groin and strap areas could do with some folds and the boots look like blocks of this... dark gray material.

Overall, I think it's good. It could be improved upon, but that will be for the Fates to decide. There's bot, npc, team and even sp support (complete with a moving jaw!), so there's little more to ask for. The sounds, sadly enough, aren't there due to them constantly bugging out. But don't let that tear your hand away from that big, shiny button marked "download".

This update includes now-working bot support. No other changes seem to have been made, which is a shame because these models are sorely lacking custom sounds.

Team Support: Yes Bot Support: Yes NPC Support: Yes New Sounds: No


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Download 'remnants_fix.zip' (5.2MB)

Project Name: Kadaj, Yazoo and Loz: Sephiroth's Remnants
Email: genesisofeclypse@hotmail.com
Authors: Gir, Eclypse, Ryojin

FILENAME: zz_Remnants.pk3
DATE RELEASED: November 21, 2007 

Model: Gir_teh_Almighteh
Poly Pusher, Weighing, Retexturing: Eclypse
Playtesting, SP, BOT, NPC support, MP selection: Ryojin

Bot Support: Yes
NPC Support: Yes
SP Support: Yes
New Sounds: No

Directions: Take the zz_Remnants.pk3 file and put it in your "C:/program files/lucasarts/JediAcademy/GameData/Base" folder.

Huge thanks to Gir for making this project 1000x easier by allowing me to rig and mess with his Kadaj model. I have to say I've learned a lot as a result of working with him and hope we get a chance to do it in the future. Special thanks to Ryojin for doing the selection dirty work, as I can't be bothered with that silliness, and fortunately he's cool enough to do it for me.  :)

Props to: Inyri Forge for shader help, Noen Garuth, Jalechah, Anakin992, Kyoku Maggot, and Ryo Thorn for moral support and crits. 

Has it been a year already since I started doing this stuff? Seems a lot longer than that. Its been fun...just wait and see what I've got cooked up for next year...  :)


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