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Well, well, Ill start by introducing myself. I'm Jorka Sho'Hen and I'm the newly appointed file reviewer at JKFiles. Great to be...


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Well, well, Ill start by introducing myself. I'm Jorka Sho'Hen and I'm the newly appointed file reviewer at JKFiles. Great to be apart of the team and I hope to bring you some In-depth and decent reviews that are handy to both you hungry down-loaders, and the author.

So, on with the review!

This is a re-skin of Hapslash's superb Anakin Skywalker model. Rouge Agent has managed to transform the original Anakin skin into Kain from Command and Conquer, and may I say, what an impressive job he has done. Ill start with the face. This is practically spot on from what I can tell. I have never played Command and Conquer but when I looked up Kain and found some images of him, you can see a decent resemblance between this skin and Kain from the Command and Conquer games. There isn't a trace of Anakin in the face from what I can tell, unlike some re-skins to this model I have seen around the head area, this one has completely taken out that Anakin feel, and Rouge Agent has given this skin a delightful Kain look. The facial hair is in the correct place and adds a nice feel to the face.

Onto the torso and robe. Well basically because this model is based of f of Anakin, who is/was a Jedi as you all know, its kinda funny to see Kain in Jedi robes ;). Although things could have gone a lot worse around this area, RA has managed to combine that Jedi like feel with the head of the model to create a more unique Kain. Kain naturally dressed in all black, so figures that's all good, and the removing of the arms on the robe gives the skin a much more Kain like feel. There is some nice creativity with textures around the shoulders and hood area of the model as well, I'm guessing this was put there with creativity, though I could be wrong as I couldn't find a reference image to suggest this was part of the Kain from Command and Conquer.

Well the legs, arms and boots have been given a simple re-color, so maybe more could of been done here but its not that important. If anything I think this lacks some creativity where it could of been used a little better. Still a decent skin and will I'm sure be a very nice asset to many of your base folders.

New sounds have been added which is always a bonus. Unfortunately no team skins but, the author has said that will be included in a later version so fingers crossed! Bot support is included as well. Its always good to see these sorts of things as they really add brownie points to a skin :p.

Overall I think a fantastic skin and a must download for you Kain and Command and Conquer fans. Still I recommend this to others as well as it will surely be a nice addition to your base folder.

Over and out.


New Sounds: Yes Team Support: No Bot Support: Yes NPC Support: No

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Download 'ra_kane.zip' (7.96MB)

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
AUTHOR: Rogue Agent
E-MAIL: Douglash30@hotmail.com
FILENAME: kane.pk3
FILESIZE: 2525.62 KB
DATE RELEASED: 7/21/2007

CREDITS: Buffy for making the bots and for taking the screenshots
Hapslash well for making the models, and always being around when I needed his advice
Comex for actually inspiring me to make this skin
The people of the void who rasied up arms against me and forced me to finish the skin off

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Well if you don't know this by now then that is terrible, but okay here we go
-1 Extract Kane.pk3 using winzip, winrar or anyother program that can open zips
-2 Place the pk3 in the base folder found in jedi academy/gamedata/base
-3 Play JA and enjoy

DESCRIPTION: A reskin of Kane from the video game series Command and Conquer

New sounds included, no team skins at the moment but this will hopefully come in a later version.


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