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More Naruto items haunt our box =_= this time, a demonic skin known as Kakashi attacks our box with many pseudo-ninja moves.

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More Naruto items haunt our box =_= this time, a demonic skin known as Kakashi attacks our box with many pseudo-ninja moves.

Out of all the ninjas in Naruto that I have seen, whether by mistake, or by catching tidbits of the show itself, I will say that this looks relatively accurate to a point. The cloud model was a pretty decent pick for this particular skin, and whilst the hair does not match completely, the eyes and torso are pretty accurate from what I recall. The pants probably do not do the skin justice, however.

Texture quality was average, in m opinion. The vest seemed much too blurred, but the factor that this is an anime character overrides this necessity for crispness, I suppose.

I find little else to say about the skin itself. It portrays the character decently as it can without the need for a model. I know the hair needs shortening but hey, maybe there's a mystical way to shader that? I've seen some interesting effects before. Why not that? =_= Eh, whatever.


Bot Support:Nay NPC Support:Nay New Sounds: Nay Team Support:Nay

- Averus Retruthan

Little has changed, the vest looks a bit more washed, not as green as the previous one. And the author has added Bot support and NPC but still Team skins are nowhere. The author also added sounds, I'm guessing these are his japanese voice sounds. Some of them are loud but they do top the skin nicely. It only needs team skins now in order for it to be complete.

Bot Support: Yes NPC Support: Yes New Sounds: Yes Team Support: No

Ayane Yamazaki

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Download 'jk3_kakashi_v3.zip' (3.42MB)

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
title: 		Kakashi
filefront:	zafara
creator: 	Hideki
contact: 	[email protected]
webpage: 	http://afkhideki.googlepages.com/daijobu

filename: 	kakashi.pk3
filesize: 	3.48 mb (3,649,536 b)
release: 	02/06/08
version:	3

credit: 	thank GEN-SO-RON, his textures are used.

instructions:	place .pk3 in gamedata/base folder.
description:	kakashi player model. play jk3 as strongest konoha ninja! ^_^
errors:		no team skins available. tell me if you want me to make those.

comment:	if it is broken, please alert me.




Star Wars
Jedi Knight Jedi Academy 


This Skin Was Mostly Modled By: -DLS-ClouD
This Skin Was Skinned By: -DLS-ClouD
This Skin Was Modified By: -AoG-Bill
Sounds Changed By: -AoG-Bill - All I Did Was Switch The Sounds
Not Much

Discription: This Is Basicly A Skin I Really Liked And Someone Made It
So What I Did Was Change The Icon And Changed The Hair Colour To Teal, And So
I Wouldnt Always Have To Wear Someone Elses Skin I Feel Better Knowing 
I Acculy Did Something With The Skin :)

Special Thanks To: Special Thanks To -DLS-ClouD - I Modified His Skin That He Originally
Made, -DLS-Lews - He Was Kind And Listended To Me So I Could Take A Screenshot For
The Icon, Chairwalker - He Created The Original Model That Someone Modified And So On
Until -DLS-ClouD Modified It And I Re Modified It. 

Overall I Think You Should Thank -DLS-ClouD 
Because He Overall Made The Skin All I Did Was
Change This Hair Colour To My Likeing And Please Feel Free
Too Modifie This Skin But Remeber To Give Special Thanks To Me ClouD Chairwalker And Lews
Enjoy The Skin.

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