Kalek's SP Skin Changes

Here we have a small skin pack from the maker of Oni’s Kyle, this time around we have a much less mercenary looking Kyle and more of a Jedi...


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File Description

Here we have a small skin pack from the maker of Oni’s Kyle, this time around we have a much less mercenary looking Kyle and more of a Jedi looking Kyle instead, with lighter clothing and slightly different coloured clothing. Along with Kyle we also have a replacement for the Jedi Master skin. This is most interesting, because the Jedi master skin seems to be one of those base JKA skins that doesn’t pop up often. We are all familiar with the Jedi with the blue sweater with the red stripe, but a lot of people are probably less familiar with the grey-goatee’d Jedi Master who wears a more simple sandy brown coloured garment.

It was partially because of the fact that you don’t see this skin much that I use it myself as my own skin ingame. I am quite pleased then that someone has given this oft-neglected skin a bit of attention. ;) So what’s different with the Jedi Master skin? Well like the Kyle skin, the changes are only small, however they do make the skin look quite a bit different. The clothes the Jedi wears are now darker and also appear to have some slightly different textures.

These skins are replacements however, not new skins for multiplayer. They replace the Kyle and Jedi Master skins used in the singleplayer side of the game. To be honest, after staring at the same old base JKA skins for ages, its nice to have a bit of a change, only if the changes are reasonably simple. However I really would have liked if these were also fully multiplayer usable skins, as that would have added a nice extra bit of depth to the mod. Although saying that, the new Kyle skin does replace the one in multiplayer as well, and it seems like it also has slightly different team skins, so I am a little confused there.

Anyway, all in all this is a simple but effective mod, and if you a fancy a change from some of the same old base JKA skins that you see every time you play singleplayer, be sure to give this file a download! :)


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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE:  SP skin changes
E-MAIL: Alvakarking@gmail.com

FILENAME: SP skin changes

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Place the file in your base folder.

DESCRIPTION: This includes 2 new skins, both replacements. One for Kyle, and one for the Jedi Master. This is sort of a, preview, Of my Oni's Kyle V2, which
I will release soon. My original Kyle reskin was to make him look more like a merc, this reskin, is meant to make him look more like a jedi master, and less
like a moisture farmer. The second skin is a Jedi Master, I felt that the original was too light, so I darkened it up a bit, and added parts from other base 
skins, I think the overall result was good.

CREDITS: SiLink for the empty player Icons


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