katanamaru stances and katanamaru sabers

Stance and saber mod, anyone?

This mod is meant to be more like the movies or something, I can't tell, as I'm no lifeless star wars super...


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Stance and saber mod, anyone?

This mod is meant to be more like the movies or something, I can't tell, as I'm no lifeless star wars super-expert. Sadly, I'm having problems getting this to work, so I'll leave it up to you and the screenshots to judge this one.


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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 
TITLE:  Katanamaru's Stances and saber 
AUTHOR: Gray Bennett "Katanamaru" 
E-MAIL: [email protected]

FILENAME: Katanamaru stances.pk3 and Katanamaru sabers.pk3
FILESIZE: 16.1 kb and 629 bytes
DATE RELEASED:  2 September 2008 

CREDITS: First a big thanks to the OJP team for helping me find the walk back glitch and answering my many questions. To Razorace and Maxstate especially. 
I would also like to credit Antizac for the dual saber stance that he found in his Zelda Weapon Animation mod. Without it I would have used the BOTH_STAND9.
Credit also goes to Joe Huff, author of the DualPhaseSabers mod, for the idea to try changing saber types around.

DESCRIPTION: This is a stance mod I put together to resemble the stances used by the jedi in the movies. They are not overly elaborate, but are supposed to be more practical. I also put together a saber pack to show off how to change ANY saber into a dual phase or staff saber.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: This zip contains two .pk3 files. One is the stance mod and the other is a saber mod. I made the saber mod to show off how it is possible to change ANY saber hilt model into a single saber, staff saber, or a dual phase saber (thanks Joe Huff). Just drop either or both pk3 files into your base folder. 

BUGS: None that I have found. This mod will conflict with other mods that alter animations though. When the idle animation tries to play it makes the saber twitch. This is because JA is still trying to play the animation even though the animation has been changed. With the saber mod, the staff's second blade is drawn at a fixed point away from the hilt relative to a default staff model length. It is best to add tags to make any model a staff, but if the author has not done so, it is possible for the player to make the hilt into a staff or dual phase themselves.

COMMENTS: This mod changes: the blue, yellow, red, dual, staff, fixes the walk back glitch and removes the idle animations from yellow stance. The new stances are supposed to be more practical for the jedi. The idle animations just bugged me so I took them out. I also included a saber mod that uses Kyle's saber to show off how to make a hilt a dual phase or staff hilt. This even works with a JO made hilt, I demostrated this with the Tenchi Ken saber in the screenshots.

To use the sabers type in without quotes:

"saber km_single" for the single version. 
"saber km_phase" for the dual phase version of the single.
"saber km_staff" for the staff version of the single.
I used the kyle saber so that if anyone wants to use a JO saber hilt that overwrites Kyle's they can see that these work with both JA and JO hilts. Because these sabers are slightly powered up they will not show up in MP (notinmp 1). I don't recommend using two phase sabers as it is 'funky.' 

One bug that I am proud to have fixed is that when one changes the feet positioning of a saber stance, it screws up the way the character stands on a slope or ledge. To fix this one needs to alter the LEGS_RUP and LEGS_LUP animations. I did this with the staff stance. It is noted in the _humanoid file for others to see if they plan on doing their own stance mods.

Feel free to use this in any way, shape, or form. I only used animations from JA so nothing is copyright by me or anything. If you submit a dual phase saber or staff mod you might want to credit Joe Huff for his ideas. 



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