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This skinpack contains nine skins. Many of them follow a blue/black color scheme. None of them are bad, though since a few of them are strai...


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File Description

This skinpack contains nine skins. Many of them follow a blue/black color scheme. None of them are bad, though since a few of them are straight recolors they're a little bland. However they'd probably be good if you're looking for some generic-looking skins. The sounds for the kazi_ja skin, however, are incredibly annoying. Why? Because the taunt is basically an entire Korn song (49 seconds of jibberish). Do you want to listen to a 50-second taunt? I certainly don't.

No team skins on any of these, but all have bot an npc support. We even get npc support for a skin he seemed to have not included!

Bot Support: Yes Team Support: No New Sounds: Yes NPC Support: Yes


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Download 'expanded_universe_kazi.zip' (8.48MB)


Name of file: eu_kazi.pk3
Compilation time: ?Spanned over a couple of weeks, then tweaked constantly
Size: 8539 kilobytes / 8.5 megs
Date Released to JK3Files: March 3,2006
Date Started on project: Somewhere around 2003 when I played Jedi Outcast

Author: Kazi (member of the club "Hidden's Gaming Club")
My Email: [email protected]

Credits: me, for making everything, and credits to the Quake III shader 
	manual for how to cloak Kami-Kazi, Korn for Kazi's taunt,
	and Raven for the basic files (models, skin textures, sounds, etc)

Installation: Put the two PK3's into your Gamedata/base folder. To 
	uninstall, just delete the file, or move it to a higher folder
	in your Jedi Academy folder heiarchy (such as putting it directly
	into the Gamedata folder)

	The eu_kazi.pk3 file will put all the characters into the game,
	and the kami_kazi_jetpack_mod.pk3 will change the default jetpack
	to the one that matches Kami-Kazi's. I suggest you put them both in.
	When using the jetpack on a JA+ server or wherever, use the 
	model named "kami-kazi/nopack" or "kami-kazi_c/nopack" with the 
	command "model [one of the two models above]".

Description/File Contents/Background Story:

	OK, so this is my personal skin pack, mostly using kazi_ja.
	Sometimes when the mood is right (like Taspir) i'll use Kami-Kazi.
	Kazi is a Jedi from the time of Kyle Katarn. He had completed his
	training before Kyle and Jan met Luke, though. He is about 30 years
	old, and lives in his home (with the others in this pack) on the
	planet of Coruscant. Kami-Kazi is his alter-ego. Not an official
	Mandalor, he was dispatched to take out one and decided to take 
	the dead one's for himself, making minor color changes to fit his
	tastes. Basically a good guy. Kiandra is his long-time friend
	and a classmate from the academy. There is nothing going on between
	them...yet? Genjin is another one of Kazi's friends from the 
	academy. He is an introverted Kel-Dor, and he is in possession
	of a crystal of unknown/mysterious/suspicious origins...and he
	likes the color turquoise. Nareeto and Odeef are twin rodian jedi
	that Kazi met on a rescue mission on a seccluded planet a little 
	ways beyond the Outer Rim. Kazi uses orange sabers, Kiandra with a 
	blue-bladed Praetor, Genjin uses blue and green sabers modeled
	after Obi-Wan's saber, the rodian twins both use a green Counsel.
	This file contains all of the above mentioned characters, and also
	a cloaked Kami-Kazi! :D
	Added value: the skins kazi_jo and kiandra_jo were basially my
	first attempts at a good skin, back in the days of Jedi Outcast.
	They are unmodified from their original versions, and seeing
	as how they were made with MS Paint (Photoshop ONLY used for color
	tweaking), they aren't the best quality, but they're old school.
	Taking the faces, I downloaded the program "GIMP 2.2" (basically
	a FREE Photoshop) and softened them a little bit, and roughed up
	Kazi's, adding some claw-mark scars and some stray hairs. All of
	these models came from ideas based of of Lego mini-figures. A
	predescessor to Kazi is the late Doy-yo-daa, who was tragically 
	killed by a giant, nuclear-fusion powered toaster (I was playing
	in my kitchen ;_; ). I plan to sometime make him when I am bored
	and feel like skinning something. He would look something like a
	Reborn with a red hood, red sleeves, red belt, and white clothes,
	with a red saber blade (he is a good Jedi though). 
	-=I am also looking for a modeler to make me a vehicle based 
	off of Kazi's starfighter and the Rodian twins' ship 
	(these are two different ones), and to teach me the basics so 
	I can fashion myself a custom hilt.=-

Comments: I cannot get the bot sabers to be the right color, as well as the
	NPC's sabers too. I also tried to keep the sound folder size to a 
	minimum, but i might have repeated some of from assets0.pk3. Kazi's
	taunt is from a song called Twist, by Korn. I released this file so
	my friends and the visitors don't see me as an old Kyle model...

Bugs: No really bad bugs known...

t3h l3g4l st00f:


Come by our server sometime, it's *))=((iddensGC*, all are welcome, as long
as you are well-behaved and respectful to others...HiddenSpy doesn't have
much tolerance for those kinds of things...or anyone else >:)

Final Note: I also do not mind if you use these files for your own purposes, 
	but at least give me credit.

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