Kel'Dor Toran

Ahh, we don't really see a lot of Kel'Dor reskins around here do we? I've only seen a few during my time here. Anyways, to the review!



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Ahh, we don't really see a lot of Kel'Dor reskins around here do we? I've only seen a few during my time here. Anyways, to the review!

The author states that there is two Kel'Dor skins in this ''pack.'' One of them is a skin that the author made on his own time, and the other skin was made for one of his clan mates.

The first Kel'Dor skin is the author's personal skin. You'll notice that it's much different than his clan mate's skin. The torso, arms, and boots are all green. The author decided not to make the pants green though. I think it was a good idea too, because adding more green to the pant legs would make it seem to excessive and a bit repetitive if you ask me. It wasn't just the pant legs that weren't green either. The author also made the gloves, shoulder pads, and ''turtle-neck'' a tannish brown. This gave the skin a great feel as well as a unique look. Also, I don't know if it's just me, but it also looks as if the author made some color changes to the face plate as well. It seems lighter than the default Kel'Dor face plate. >_>

The second skin was made due to a clan mate's request. I must admit that this is one fantastic, and handsome looking Kel'Dor! The author decided to give the Kel'Dor white clothing, along with a goldish-brown upper-chest plate. At least, that's what I visualize it as. It's probably just part of the clothing, but I wanted to picture it as a chest plate, so what's wrong with that? Nothing? Good! Anyways, I'm sure most of you would consider it something else though. It has that royalty feel to it, and it seems to me like it's "honorary" in some way. The author also added some large clothes with a brown texture wrapping around it, which gave it a nice look. The boots were given a new look as well. One major observation you'll make about this skin is the head. The back of the neck was re-colored a bit, and given a reddish look. The face plate was also re-colored a bit as well.

All in all, these skins are very nice. The author did a great job on the re-coloring, as well as the textural changes. I didn't really see any bugs or glitches on the skin, so that's definitely a plus. As far as improvements go, I have no comment. Although, I would love to see some more creativity from you. I love the feel you gave your skins, and I hope to see more from you! Great job, and keep up the good work. :)

If you want a change from the default Kel'Dor skin, this is definitely worth a download.

New Sounds: Aye (Only with the author's personal skin) Bot Support: Nay Team Support: Aye NPC Support: Nay


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Download '' (3.75MB)


Title			: Kel'Dor Toran
Author			: Valis_Elensar
E-Mail			:

File Name		: Toran.pk3
File Size		: 1.80MB
Date Released		: 20-03-09

Its about time!. A few months ago i told on 1 of the jk3files comments i was gonna release a Kel'dor soon. Well i picked it back up a few days ago and finished it!. This kel'dor is the first one i used brushes on!.This Kel'dor has team support with each team having a differerent brush on it, it also has other sounds. But no Bot/Npc support.

In the meantime i have also made another Kel'dor reskin for a clanmate of mine and decided to release it the same time as this one (read extra description below) below).

Title: Jazzy
File name: Jazzy.pk3
File size: 2.11mb
This is another kel'dor reskin, wich i have made for a clanmate called Jazzy. I felt like releasing it the same time with the other kel'dors i made because i really like this one!. As far as i'm aware of, there aren't many reskins with white clothing. Could be because it can be a strange color ingame sometimes. But i figured it out how to do it and did it :P. 

-I would like to thank Jazzy for requesting the reskin of the kel'dor.
-I would also like to thank the people who like my reskins and download them. 

This file will give you 2 .pk3 files. 1 is Toran and the other is Jazzy. If you want only 1 of them, you can simply remove it after unzipping. 

Simply extract the pk3 to the gamedata/base folder of your Jedi Academy directory.


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