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Kensai brings us this pack of sabers. Some of them he modeled himself, others are reskins of previously released saber models in JK2. Let...


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Kensai brings us this pack of sabers. Some of them he modeled himself, others are reskins of previously released saber models in JK2. Let me tell you, they all look great, lots of time and details went into these. Here's a little more indepth on each saber:

Goldenbone: You can choose either the single saber, or staff saber for this, which is modeled after Darth Maul's hilt as seen in Episode 1. Obviously it is gold in color, and it shines like I would a golden saber to.

Silverbone: Sister of the Goldenbone, it is the same hilt, just colored silver. This also comes with the choice of using as a single saber or staff saber.

Tataku: A japanese styled saber staff. Looks like something a samurai would use... very badass looking.

Diago: A reskin of the Plo Koon hilt that is available here on JK2files. Had the rounded, silvery feel to it.

Saul: Modeled for the player Saul, it looks like Luke's saber with a few things added where the blade extends from.

Immortal: A plain looking, but gold-colored saber. Pretty simple here.

SithSM: Obviously a saber that is intended for sith use. Looks good, too.

Saesee Tiin: This one has been posted already on jk2files, but the author was given permission to use it in this pack.[/b]

Overall, this is a beautiful hilt pack. I'd highly reccommend downloading and adding these to your collection.

~Lord Griever~

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Download '' (2.16MB)


Installation instructions           	: Unzip the zip file to the gamedir/GameData/base
                                          or unzip it to any folder you like and just copy the 
			 	 	  Kensai_JA_Hilts.pk3 to gamedir/GameData/base.

Title			: Kensai Jedi Academy Hilt Pack
Author			: Kensai
E-Mail			:
Website			:

File Name			:
File Size		           	 : 2.18 MB
Date Released		: 9/25/2003
Description		: This hilt pack is a selection of all the hilts I have created for Jedi Knight. Some of them are old and some are new. Previous Jedi Knight 2 hilts that are included in this pack have been converted for Jedi Academy.

The included picture lists the hilts by number so you know which one is which. They are numbered 1 - 10.

1. Goldenbone Staff - 4th hilt in the Bone collection. Like it's brother, the Silverbone Staff, this hilt is a dual blade like Darth Maul used in Ep1. 			 
2. Tatakau Sin - In japanese this name means Fighting Spirit, and from its design it shows. One of my clan members Saul Draaku designed this hilt for one of his reskins for Jedi Academy. This hilt is the closest design to something resembling something japanese.

3. Diago - Previously posted on jk2files, this hilt was made for the other leader of SotG. This is a remodel of the Plo Koon hilt.

4. Silverbone - Another hilt posted previously on jk2files. This hilt was one I found on the internet in a hilt contest. 2nd hilt in the Bone collection.	This is actually the first hilt I made in the bone collection, that got very nice reviews on jk2files.
5. Saul - This hilt was designed by Saul Draaku, and modeled for his use.
6. Immortal - Brand new hilt I just completed on the 15th of Sept. I made this one specifically for Jedi Academy, and belongs to one Shinobi, another member of SotG.

7. Goldenbone - 3rd hilt in the Bone collectionFrom what you have gathered so far, there are 4 hilts in total that have "bone" in their names. I have expanded on the franchise of bone hilts. Not that any of these resemble a bone in anyway,but the name itself came from the email address of the original replica creator. This is only a reskin.

8. SithSM - This is yet another hilt I got off the internet from a hilt designer. I did change the textures a bit to better suit my interests. From the name you can see that is has a Sith in mind, yet the SM part of the name has no meaning. Make one up. :)

9. Saesee Tiin - This hilt is in fact not one of my creations, but was made by a good friend of mine VenomIIID. This hilt was added with permission from Venom and I am happy to include it in this pack. This hilt was also previously posted on jk2files.
10. Silverbone Staff - 2nd installment of the Bone collection. I decided to make this just for Jedi Academy, since I knew that it would be supporting saber staffs.

Comments			: I hope everyone likes these hilts. I have put alot of effort and time into the creation of these. All textures have been made by me, which really takes alot of time to get right. If you want one made for yourself, please feel free to email me.

Additional Comments		: These hilts may not be reproduced in any mod, nor can they be reskinned in anyway unless you contact me, and I give permission to do so. 


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