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Okay, I'm not up on my 80's metal bands, but this guy looks like a mix between Gene Simmons and that creepy guy from Unreal Tournament. Thi...


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Okay, I'm not up on my 80's metal bands, but this guy looks like a mix between Gene Simmons and that creepy guy from Unreal Tournament. This skin, while it holds a basic resemblance to King Diamond, really looks more like a cartoon version of him than anything realistic. Why? On the most basic level, because there is no shading. The face is composed of flat colors - the white paint is white, the black paint is black, the skin tone is a solid color. It is paint bucket gone awry. The closest thing to real texturing is the stubble on his upper lip, though that looks more like burlap than hair.

The rest of the textures on this model seem to be "taken" from other sources, and while they look alright, it leaves the viewer with a definite idea of where the skinners talents start and end. A little practice with realistic texturing would go a long way for this author, so I highly recommend looking into some tutorials or getting some good advice on how to make your skins not look like a cell-shaded anime character, minus the cell shading.

Bot Support: Yes Team Support: Yes New Sounds: Yes NPC Support: Yes


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README FILE: King_Diamond

Author: Merscil_KingArthur
DESCRIPTION: This is a reskin of the Quinlan Vos model by Aaron Smith. I reskinned him to look like King Diamond, the guy
             who's responsible for the vocals and lyrics in both Mercyful Fate and King Diamond.
             info about KD: In 1981, King Diamond was a young Danish musician singing in his first band, Black Rose when he
             happened to meet a guitarist called Hank Shermann. Hank, also Danish and alsoa resident of Copenhagen, had a
             punk band called the Brats which had already released and album in 1980. With Black Rose not really going
             anywhere, King joined Hank in the Brats and began working on new material. A former Brat, guitarist Michael
             Denner, had started his own band and asked Hank and King to help out on the recording of a demo. Soon after,
             Hank, King, and Michael, along with bassist Timi Grabber (Hansen), who was also in Denner's band, decided to
             join forces and create Mercyful Fate.
             Mercyful Fate, in its three-year existence, became one of the most popular bands in the underground metal scene
             that had sprung up internationally in the wake of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal.
             For a brief time, Mercyful Fate was right up there as well, gaining considerable succes in both Europe and the
             United States before the band splintered, paving the way for King Diamond to continue as an even more succesful 
             solo artist. 
             King Diamond, being an admitted Alice Cooper fan, took Alice's shock-rock imagery of the early Seventies one
             step further, howling his vocals in a high/low operatic style, painting his face with demonic makeup and 
             inverted crosses, and using his avowed belief in Satanism as the touchstone for some very unsettling, and
             sometimes distasteful lyrics.


             I made this skin because I met quite a lot metal fans on JKA and because I'm a fan of King Diamond and
             Mercyful Fate. If you like metal or just hard guitar music, you should check them out. But, be warned,
             they are somehow a little more alternative as the average metal band.
INFORMATION: To use this skin via the console: type:    /model King_Diamond              (default version)
                                                        /model King_Diamond/red          (red, robed version)
                                                        /model King_Diamond/blue         (blue, hooded version)

             This skin supports bot- and npc-support:
             To use the npc support you must first activate the cheats:
             1) open the console
             2) type: helpusobi 1
             3) type: npc spawn King_Diamond
             the npc file is hostiled with you. If spawned, King Diamond will attack you.
             I also have included sounds but it's ONLY ONE: a falling sound, borrowed from one of his songs.King Diamond will
             be using the default male sounds. 
CREDITS: credits go to : -Aaron Smith, for the Quinlan Vos model.
                         -Mars Marshall, from which I borrowed the bot and npc support of maulvm, because I wanted King Diamond
                          behave in a similar way. Don't worry, the bot won't say the maul sentences :P. I fixed that ^^.
                         -King Diamond and Mercyful Fate.
                         -SLaughter, for his Darth Savet skin, from which I borrowed the new hair textures(only that) that were 
                          included, but not used.


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