King Talor

Well, well, someone dares challenge Averus for kingship, does he? =_= There will be no success. This skin is a rather stereotypical one,...


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Well, well, someone dares challenge Averus for kingship, does he? =_= There will be no success.

This skin is a rather stereotypical one, if I dare say so myself. Granted, this reskin has plenty of detail, and isn't bad, but I just personally felt that it could have been taken a bit further. This jedi reskin is meant to represent a one "Sith King of Akatar" This looks more like a Sith advisor more than a King. Sith are meant to be the indulgers of passion and almost all the things Jedi don't care for, including fancy dress. As such, it would have been appropriate to give poor King Talor here a more lavish outfit. This unfortunately makes this particular monarch seem less regal. Believe me, even Averus would trim his outfit with gold. Black and Gold rules =_,= Oh well, perhaps that is what he chose to wore..

This skin's face, however, is definitely that of an absolute monarch. Dark, sunken eyes portraying a "don't-take-crap-from-anyone" attitude. Well played out, indeed. Curious though, as to why the red skin looks like he's wearing red tinted sunglasses =_o or at least it does in the screenshot. Either way, looks somewhat weird.

Overall, while not a total monarch look, I don't think this particular character cares what one such as myself would think of his dress. For that, I would respect him =_=. Regardless of that, I suggest that your bandwidth go to him now or ELSE HE WILL STOMP YOUR COLON INTO SUBMISSION AND COMBUSTION.

P.S. - The Ragnos soundset might have been a bit much for such a modest looking person.

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- Averus Retruthan

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Title: King Talor
Author: Zalen Wrath ( 

File Name: KingTalor.pk3
File Size: 1.20 Mo
Date Release: 01/11/07

Installation: To install this skin/mod, simply put the .pk3 file into your Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy\Gamedata\base folder. To uninstall, just delete it.

Description: Happy Halloween !

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