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We have upon our altar the holy Knight and War Tauntaun Skin in anger and misery. (you'll suffer unto me =_,=)

To prevent redundancy, th...


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We have upon our altar the holy Knight and War Tauntaun Skin in anger and misery. (you'll suffer unto me =_,=)

To prevent redundancy, the Throne provides thee with a malevolent link of total domination:;73194

But, Tobe has gained enough experiences points to level up to 1.5! How malevolent =_,=. I too wish to level up to a fraction. *Levels up to level 10/7*

What have we now in this update? Behold:

- A new head skin without the unnecessary chin guard. Much better =_,= *throws helmet at a random bystander*

- 2 New Banners that drape about thy arm. I promptly used these in going head to head with a gorgon because they remind me of bullfighting all too well

- A greatsword =_,= only true fiends can utilize such a mighty weapon. That's why I have the buster sword in my chambers at all times.

Now =_= as you can clearly see from the POTDs< >, my budget has been rather tight as of late =_=. I will, however, will probably upgrading to something more malevolent soon.

For now, however, I applaud Tobe and ride off into battle =_,= *hops aboard the frighteningly pink bantha now adorned with spikes, a snowplow, and 4 chainguns* BWAAHAHAHAHAHHAA

Bot Support:Aye NPC Support:Aye New Sounds:Aye Team Support:Aye

- Averus Retruthan

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Download '' (4.51MB)

TITLE         : Knight And War Tauntaun  V1.5    (skin & weapons)
AUTHOR    : Tobe

FILESIZE    :   4.50 mb
DATE RELEASED: 8/12/2006

NPC support :  Yes
Bot support :    Yes
Team support : Yes

 *****   Credits  *****

    First of all I'd like to thank    Marchus Williams (a.k.a RED SITH)    for letting me use his saber menu mod. 
    It makes dual and staff weapons selectable in the start of any new game :);23602


*****   Features  *****

    *     New Player Skins : 3 Medieval Knight skins with team colors. Reskined from saboteur. Selectable as specie.
    *     New Vehicle Skins : 3 War Tauntaun reskin with heavy plate armor appearance. 
    *     New Weapons : 6 melee weapons for knights. All new models. Selectable from saber menu.

    *     New Ability : With certain weapon equipped, knight will be able to &quot;charge&quot;. For details read the &quot;Weapon List&quot; section.

   V1.5 :  * New &quot;no face guard&quot; knight armor skin.
           * New weapon : Knight's Great Sword , 2 Wrist Attached Banner (blue & red color) 

           * Fixed weapon menu for Knight banner, now they will appear in saber style &quot;staff&quot; as they should be.
           * Fixed &quot;readme&quot;, now all the NPC names are correct.. 

 *****   To Install  *****
            Unzip and place        &quot; BB_Knight_Skin.pk3  &quot;                                     *knight and tauntaun skin file + NPC, bot 
                                           &quot; BB_Knight_Wep.pk3  &quot;                                     *knight weapon file
                                           &quot; BB_MENUS_kgt.pk3  &quot;                                     *player and weapon menu script

                into your Jedi Academy base folder:    StarWars JediKnight Jedi Academy/GameData/base


 *****   To Uninstall  *****

            Remove all files that's belong to &quot;; from your base folder. That's all.


 Inside the  &quot;extra choice&quot;  folder :

 &quot; BB_MENUS_4.pk3 &quot; :This is a menu script that binds all the list of weapons & players from this mod and my other mods.
                                   The mods included are, &quot;Ifrit (2.0)&quot; , &quot;Shiva&quot; , and this &quot;Knight and War Tauntaun&quot;.  
                                   If you have all 3 mods installed, just put this &quot; BB_MENUS_4.pk3 &quot; into your /base folder :)
                                   Don't forget to remove all the other named &quot;BB_MENUS...&quot; files because they will conflict.
       *If you are looking for the other mods:
                                  &quot;Ifrit (2.0)&quot;;70957             


 *****   Weapon List  *****

   Entry names and descriptions for the weapons:

   sw          :(single saber) knight sword. 
   sh           :(dual)  knight shield. shield has better defense against attacks. in SP menu, only appears on the left hand dual.  
   mace       :(single) knight mace.
   lance       :(single) knight lance. with a new ability to &quot;charge&quot;, for details read below.
   ban_b      :(staff)   knight's banner! _b means it's blue colored. with &quot;charge&quot; ability. for details read below.
   ban_r       :(staff)   red knight banner. with &quot;charge&quot; ability. for details read below.
   ban2_b     :(single) blue knight banner that's attached to wrist. works as shiled. in SP menu, only appears on the left hand dual.  
   ban2_r      :(single) red colored wrist banner.
   gsw          :(single) knight's great sword. it is a single-style weapon but set as &quot;two handed&quot;, so you can't equip it as dual.
                               and it will appear in the &quot;staff&quot; saber menu.  
      Ok here is the &quot;below&quot;,
      Special &quot;charge&quot; ability for the selected knight weapons is basically the force leap animation added as taunt. 
      So whenever you use taunt on the weapon. You will do a force leap without slow-motion or Matrix camera angle.
      Also, the special attack for those weapons is changed to a stab, not that stab down stab but a horizontal stab.
      You can move around and change direction while stabbing, to aim effectively at your opponent and extent the attack range.   
      Try do taunt &quot;charge&quot; ability first and use this stab, it's a powerful combo attack. Bind a key to easily activate taunt :) 
      The combo key order should be:  TAUNT, then MOUSE R + MOUSE L      (or what ever you set the keys to)

      If you don't know how to bind taunt to a key:
      In a single player game, hit &quot;SHIFT&quot; and &quot;~&quot; key to open up console, type in &quot;helpusobi 1&quot; and hit ENTER to activate cheats.
      Pick a key you want to use as taunt, if it's &quot;f&quot;, then type in &quot;bind f taunt&quot;, hit ENTER, and hit &quot;SHIFT&quot; and &quot;~&quot; to exit console. 


 *****   NPC List  *****

   To spawn NPCs:
      In a single player game, hit &quot;SHIFT&quot; and &quot;~&quot; key to open up console, type in &quot;helpusobi 1&quot; and hit ENTER to activate cheats.
      Type &quot;npc spawn kyle&quot; and ENTER, it will spawn a Kyle. Change the name for any NPC. Hit &quot;SHIFT&quot; and &quot;~&quot; to exit console.

   Knight NPC entry names:

   kgt1          : A red knight with red banner as weapon. Instead of painting his armor all red. I add a red cloth around his shoulder.
                     It suppose to be a torn cloak.  
   kgt2          : A blue knight with blue banner, and blue torn cloak. 
   kgt3          : Knight with white armor. Equipped with sword and shield.
   kgt4          : Knight with white armor. Equipped with lance and shield.
   kgt5          : Knight with white armor. Equipped with mace and shield.


 *****   Vehicle List  *****

   To spawn vehicles, just add a &quot;vehicle&quot; on the line to spawn NPCs, like this:   npc spawn vehicle tauntaun
   you can bind a key to spawn vehicles as well.

  War Tauntaun entry names
   taun_w          :A white haired tauntaun with white heavy plate armor.
   taun_r          :A red leather skined tauntaun with dark armor.
   taun_g          :A yellow green leather skined tauntaun with reddish armor.

                    * all War Tauntaun has better defense compare to the original ones :)


   That's all, go play!   Again thanks to RED SITH   :D


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