Knights of the Republic Skin Pack #1

This is more of a 'reskin' pack, than a skin pack. There are 2 reborn reskins, 2 jawa skins, and 2 'new' reborn skins. i.e the reborn fr...


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This is more of a 'reskin' pack, than a skin pack. There are 2 reborn reskins, 2 jawa skins, and 2 'new' reborn skins. i.e the reborn from Jedi Outcast are also included, as well as the new ones found in JKA. There is one heavily customised skin in this pack which i quite like though its obviously some form of reborn, but he has this dark look about him, and he seems very realistic. I really like the jawa model - I know it doesnt come with JK3 but i have seen it on servers before. If you did make this skin then :) Brilliant! I love the jawa skin. There are also different colour schemes for the jawa,reborn e.t.c, which add some flavour to the game. I wasnt sure if i liked the clan names that were plastered around the back of some of the models, but you dont really see the back of these skins, so I can live with it :) Aside from this, my only other aggravation was the size of the file. Did it really need to have all these skins in it - I think some are a little too similar to praise for their uniqueness, and they really didn't need to be included. Overall a good skin pack that goes a little futher than a simple reskin. :)

~Szico VII~

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Download '' (15.3MB)

Knights of the Republic Skin pack #1

Hey guys!  This is KoR's first contribution to the great jk3files so here it goes!
If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email at
A few people made skins for this pack, but this is Schism writing it up and sending it in.
Also, feel free to visit us at

Intallation instructions - Download the Zip file and extract all the contents into your Jedi Knights: Jedi Academy Base folder.
Default - C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\base

This file is 10 Skins made by Knights of the Republic members.

The following people contributed to this Skin pack (Made skins):

<(KoR)>Schism Made:

<(KoR)>Mitosis Made:

<(KoR)>Ziion Made:

<(KoR)>KissMyGrits Made:

We would all like to thank all the KoR members that gave us good ideas for skins and everyone that helped us.  Hope everyone enjoys it!  or else... Have fun

Copyright Knights of the Republic

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