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Before I tell you what this map pack has in it and stuff, I need to tell you how annoyed I am with this. Um, I'm really annoyed. So yeah ... on with the review.

This map pack is for the KoG server and it's completely unnecessary. I'm wondering if maybe this isn't just some clever way for KoG to get some free advertising from JK2/3Files.com. Hmmm. The maps included are all of the Raven Bonus maps and the Helm's Deep map. That's all. I refuse to review all of those maps again, so instead, here are links to the original reviews of those maps:

Raven Bonus Maps: http://www.jk2files.com/file.info?ID=21384 Helm's Deep: http://www.jk2files.com/file.info?ID=22538

Is there any reason at all for you to download this map pack? Absolutely not. Just get the freakin' maps from those links if you're playing on the KoG server. And some advice to the KoG guys ... just slap these links on a web page and send people there to get the maps. Unless I've somehow missed something else that was in this pack, but I doubt it. But if I did, another suggestion ... make a more descriptive readme file that tells the reviewers what we should be looking for. Bah.




==============KoG Server Files=====================

This includes some maps custom to our server. We
will be getting more files hopefully with other
server packs.



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mystic-cl[email protected]

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