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I always like reviewing clan maps, there are such a wide variety of styles and uses with clan maps, I never get bored of them! And here we h...


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File Description

I always like reviewing clan maps, there are such a wide variety of styles and uses with clan maps, I never get bored of them! And here we have a cool little clan trials oriented map by Shadow from the Knights of Honour Clan. The map is basically a duel arena, with a viewing platform up at one end so the clan masters or ‘higher ups’ can watch the trials of their student member’s progress down below.

I must say, that I liked the inclusion of some custom models that were used for the teleporters, little touches like that really add to a map I think.

The style of the architecture in this map is reminiscent of that in the Jedi’s Home maps, with the curvy ceilings, which I think looks good. There is a problem though in that one of the ‘cross-beams’ on top of the pillars (the one nearest the viewing platform) cuts across the line of sight of the viewing platform. This isn’t anything major, since you can still see all the action down below. But its just a little something to work on, maybe lower the viewing platform slightly so the crossbeam isn’t in your line of site, because it is quite distracting.

The clan references in this map are confined to the center of the duel ring, where there is the KOH clan logo, but that’s it. And as the author says in his readme:

I hope others (besides KoH) enjoy this map as well.

I know some clans wont like to use another clans map, but I agree with the author in that I hope this map will be used by other people besides the KoH clan. I think it is a map that might be quite useful to many clans, if they aren’t able to have their own map for such ‘clan trial’ type purposes.

All in all a nice little map here, members of the KoH clan will like it especially, but I think that others will find it useful too. There’s only a few small issues to work on, but like the file name says, this map is still a Beta. I look forward to seeing how the next version of this map will turn out! :)

So, if you are a member of KoH or just like the look of this map, give it a download!

Bot Support: Yes (though they only appear to spawn in the observation platform) New Textures: Yes New Sounds: No New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA


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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: KoH Trials21
AUTHOR: KoH_Shadow
FILENAME: KoH_Trials_beta21
DATE RELEASED: February 11, 2007

CREDITS: Jusy myself and my fellow Knights of Honor members for testing the map. and also "evil lair" for the teleporter

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: extract the zip, copy the .pk3 file and paste it to your base folder (depending on where you installed it)

DESCRIPTION: This map is the Knights of Honor trials map. I hope others (besides KoH) enjoy this map as well.

BUGS: none

COMMENTS: If you wish to use any of the textures, please ask me first by email at darthwampa@aim.com.


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