Korriban Championship Arena

Okay Jenova, I'm going to make a plea to you now and get it out of the way. Please, PLEASE don't have annoying invisible walls in any future...


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Okay Jenova, I'm going to make a plea to you now and get it out of the way. Please, PLEASE don't have annoying invisible walls in any future maps unless absolutely necessary. Not only do they totally defy the laws of even JK3 physics, but they're just damn annoying when you don't know they're there! And despite these invisible walls, you didn't clip your steps! Tut tut ;)

So yeah, this map has some invisble walls around the top half of the arena which make you stop in mid-air if you try and jump to the higher level, and then you fall flat on your face. Just a note for anyone planning to duel with this map. In terms of aesthetics however, I quite enjoyed this map, despite the minor lighting glitches on the lamps, where the illumination was coming from below where it should be. The broken down walls near the top of the arena and various Korriban-themed statues come together well to create an authentic looking duel arena. And it has bot support as well! :thumbsup:

Of course, it isn't perfect - the duel space in the middle could be a little bit small for some duelers, and there is some slight illumination spots which don't look very natural. Conversely, the organic roots in the ground and crumbly rocks look very nice, and the texture set used works fairly well, although the pillars look a little too sheek compared to the debris in the rest of the level. The slanting corridors behind the main dueling arena are a little sparse in details, but they get the job done well enough and I must re-iterate that I am being a little picky here. My advice, if you're a keen dueler you should check it out - it's a very small download, but it's too small for FFA, even if the gametype is supported, so I'd stick to duels. :(

New Textures: No New Sounds: No Bot Support: Yes

~Szico VII~

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Download 'korribanchampa.zip' (969KB)

Re-release #3 - Korriban championship arena by : Jenova*Rebirth*

This is the third map I am re-releasing. Enjoy it. :)

Installation: Place the Korribanchampa.pk3 into your gamedata/base folder

Music:yes(regualr JA music)
Bot support: yes
custom texture's: no

Build Time: 16+ hours
compile time: less than 6 minutes

Comments: This map is a small map made whilst I was part of the Jedi Evolution clan
and decided to release it to the public as a tournament map by the Jedi Evolution clan
for the comunity.

The way it works is, You can use this as a duel map or an ffa map, In ffa you have 
random match ups between people in your clan, spectators watch from the spectators box
and when someone loses they are out of the tournament and must stand on the right side 
near the sith dog statue, and the winner goes over to the left pillar (directions are 
when you are facing into the arena from the spectators box)

Then you have anouther random match you with 2 more and so on and so forth untill
everyone has dueled and you have a line of winners, then you random match up the 
winners untill you have only one left standing, and then they become the winner.

This map also has a 1st 2nd and 3rd podium so the winner + 2 runners up can display 
thier awesomeness to thier clan.

This is also a map ment for normal dueling servers with no clan, so its a 2 in 1 map 

There is no clan names/clan logo's or anything else in this map, Only whilst
 loading does it have the reference to the clan. Hardly a big deal anyways it only says
"Jedi Evolution official tournament map"

Hope you enjoy this, and it is not a clan map, just made by a clan. (technically me at the time but anyways)

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