Korriban Sith Academy

Ah, academies. They seem to be quite popular among the mapping crowd. Be it the jedi or the sith, you can bet your hiney there's at least fi...


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Ah, academies. They seem to be quite popular among the mapping crowd. Be it the jedi or the sith, you can bet your hiney there's at least five academies out there for them. But I digress. This academy is supposedly based on the one that appears in the story named Knights of the Old Republic (a great game if I ever saw one). Alas, it fails. There's very little resemblance. But despair not, that doesn't mean that this map is bad. Quite the contrary, it's awesome. Let's see what we've been given, shall we?

When I came to, I found myself in a gorge, surrounded by high rock walls and four huge statues, looming over me ominously. I spied a dark hole in the far wall and went to it, only to find that it wasn't, in fact, an entrance to a cave. Instead, it led nowhere. Needless to say, I was slightly disappointed. But looking around, I found another way out of the canyon - the door. I came to a crossroads of sorts, with three doors leading to places unknown. My adventurer's mentality (the one that tells you that it doesn't matter where or why you're going, it's the going that matters) kicked in and I gleefully went to exploring. The door to my right lead me to an arena. Nothing special there, so I turned around and headed the other way, across the room. I ended up in a hallway lined with doors on the left hand side, each one leading to a small room for the students. At the end of the hallway was a door that lead to another arena. The arena had another exit that lead me to a second crossroad. Taking the right hand path, I found myself on a bridge crosing a gorge. The bridge had a pillar and two benches, so I guessed it to be a simple resting place for the weary sith. It took me back to the first crossroad, so I turned around and headed back. Again, taking the right hand door, I walked right into a huge two-story library. I spent a while walking around, thinking of reading the books. Alas, they had no names on the covers, so I knew not which one would impart onto me the ancient and powerful secrets of the cult and which one would teach me to make an ancient and powerful sith omlette. Leaving and once again taking the right hand path, I ended up at another crossroad. By this point, I'd started to wonder whether or not this place would ever run out of crossroads. Alas, at that point I was unaware of the fact that this was actually the last one. Anyway, not one to break traditions (and traditions I created myself, no less), I once again started down the right path. It took me through a hallway, to an elevator and ultimately to an open-air arena. I almost expected to meet a beast of war there, but I was fortunate enough (nearly unarmed as I was, naught but a tiny dagger in my hand) to not have seen one. Going back, I crossed the room and went down another hallway, another elevator and found myself in a very blue control room. The view from the window struck me as odd, for it showed me the crossroad somewhere above it at a very strange angle. Going by the teachings of my mentor ("If you can't find an explanation, a wizard did it.") I decided to not investigate it. I headed back up (but not before locking myself in by hitting a button on one of the control panels) I went through the last door I hadn't explored. It took me to a large, open room, which I at first thought to be a hangar for various flying instruments, but later settled on a location for meditation, given the stairs at the end. After coming to the realisation that this was the end of my journey through this complex complex, I jumped off the platform onto the rocks below. Maybe I'm fortunate enough and one of my comrades will find me and heal me, for it hurt quite a bit.

Throughout the trip, I found next to no fault with the academy. The layout and architecture were nice and logical (aside from the control room window, which I am yet to figure out) and the lighting looked quite nice (the fires in alcoves in the third crossroad I found to be cool). There was one thing that sparked my inquisitive mind, though, The bookshelves in the library were made of planked wood. Now, I can understand that, given that the shelves were massive, but I'd think it'd be more conservative (in regards to material expenditure) to have the planks run from top to bottom, not side to side. That's the one quip in the design I found that I could actually pick on. Sad, I know. Wait, there's one more thing - no bot support. But it can be done, no problem, just time consuming, I think. Overall, it's geat! I say give it a whirl and maybe we'll meet up someday, have a chat and then try to kill each other in one of the many arenas. I will defiantely be keeping this one.

May songs be sung of your journeys.

- Jose

Bot support: No New sounds: Yup New textures: Uh-uh Gametypes: FFA, TFFA

Note to author: please, for the sake of all that was, is and ever will be holy, don't write your readmes in a font big enough to be read from Saturn. With the naked eye.

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TITLE: Korriban Sith Academy V1.0 
AUTHOR: Toshik 
E-MAIL: sunfrog@one.lt
FILENAME: korriban_sith_academy_v1.0.pk3 
FILESIZE: 6.28 mb
DATE RELEASED: 1 December 2007 

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Unzip the *.pk3 file into your BASE folder. 

DESCRIPTION: This is the Sith Academy on Korriban. I tried to make it like in the KOTOR.
I think the map is well done. It is only the 1st version, so it hink I will add new things in other versions.
BUGS: I couldnt find any bugs there. If you find any bugs please tell them in the comments. I will fix them in next versions.


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