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Here we have a slight update to Toshik's Korriban Sith Academy map. No, it's not the Sith Academy from Knights of the Old Republic, althou...


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Here we have a slight update to Toshik's Korriban Sith Academy map. No, it's not the Sith Academy from Knights of the Old Republic, although it may have originally been intended to be. The map features two generalized areas -- inside and outside. The outside portion is a valley, not dissimilar to all the descriptions of the Valley of the Dark Lords that we have out there. It's got valley right there in the name, after all! The terrain is pretty good, although there are many areas that are not smoothed which detracts from a realistic feel.

The entrance to the main complex really struck me as unique. Scripts are used to create a compound door that opens in a very interesting way. In terms of gameplay, this may hinder gameplay as the doors open very slowly. So you trade playability for eye candy -- your call on whether that's for you or not. I found the architecture inside to be somewhat hit or miss. I originally thought that the textures didn't fit with the more modern architectural style, but after a while it grew on me. I do love the layout of the map, and it's big enough to support a decent-sized free for all. The architecture is also varied enough to avoid boredom.

There are some small updates and some minor additions from the first version, but I'll let you read about them in the read-me as they do seem more detail oriented than content oriented. My biggest suggestion would be to work on the lighting. In some areas the lighting just seems fairly unrealistic (ie pitch black in the shadows outside, and the light from the flames seems far too yellow). Otherwise seems like a good map and I think with some more aesthetic updates it could really polish up well.

Bot Support: Yes New Models: No New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes


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Download 'korriban_sith_academy_v1.1.zip' (7.24MB)

TITLE: Korriban Sith Academy V1.1 
AUTHOR: Toshik 
E-MAIL: sunfrog@one.lt
FILENAME: korriban_sith_academy_v1.1.pk3 
FILESIZE: 7.503 mb
DATE RELEASED: 10 January 2008 

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Unzip the *.pk3 file into your BASE folder. 

DESCRIPTION: This is the Sith Academy on Korriban. Thats true that i failed to make it look like in the 
KOTOR (I played KOTOR only once :D). So, thats the version 1.2 wich includes some bug fixes and new things.
 Bug fixes:

 - Big brown door cannot bee seen in wall of the meeting room.
 - There are no empty spaces in the lower side of the column in the library.
 - On of the shelves is on its place in the library.
 - On the bridge in the library step is on the right place.
 - In the second duel room in the corner of the duel ring are no missing block.
 - In the outside duel room armor and medpack are moved a bit so it looks a bit better.
 - Textures on shelves look down.
 - And much more...


 - Added more putside space before the entrance.
 - Added torches on the crossroads.
 - Added something like council room. (secret)
 - Big brown doors open a bit in difeerent way.
 - Added bot waypoints, BUT thes bots dont know how to open doors properly.
 - You can Activate/Deactive meeting room doors in the control room.

 - If the doors are locked into the control room, you can get there going by small tunnel. You can find
this tunnel in the last student room. There are Breakable ceiling in the corner of this room. When you brake it
you will get to the control room.
 - You can reach the council room through the control room. There are invisible button on the right side 
of the door. Press it and you will get to the council room. 

Thats all for now! If you find any bugs, please post them in thje cooments. Thanks. 

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