failures are something that I am constantly paranoid about, so I always make sure to back up all my important files onto a CD or DVD, or maybe a USB stick as well. Better safe than sorry! ;)For a second map, this is pretty impressive! While the Korriban theme is something that is done fairly often, this map has some nice detailing, both architectural and texture wise, that sets it apart from the crowd. I think the music also is a very fitting choice, though rather than using just a snippet of the track (from Episode 3 I think) from Youtube, it probably would have been better just to buy it and use the whole thing, as the track is a little short!While I very much like this little map, there were a couple of things that bugged me. Firstly I think the stone panelling along the walls should go right up to the corners behind the statues, it looks a little odd to me just stopping short and leaving the corners blank. Also, the Sith dont do round arches! Well at least not generally anyway. Straight diagonal corners would have been more fitting than rounded ones.Lastly, the fire sound effects are just too loud! If I had to guess I would say that a speaker entity has been placed next to each fire stand and the combined noise is a bit overwhelming, I think just one fire sound effect speaker entity in each corner would be sufficient.Still, this is a really nice and well detailed duel map (I loved the secret area by the way!), I very much home to see some more maps like this from you soon Ravz! :)New Textures: YesNew Sounds: NoNew Music: YesBot Routes: NoGame Types: FFA, Duel~Nozyspy~


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